Entry for November 09, 2008″Rebuilding” Part 1

It continues with cold temps and somewhat cloudy as peaks of sun attempt to shine. Life encompasses a two letter word that is small yet has an enormous importance in significance in the paths of destiny. The two party system is vital factor in the democracy of this country. Rebuilding it from the ground up while laying a solid foundation is essential, so the citizens have the right to choose from the two major parties. Needless to say there are minor parties that from time to time will come into play. The Republicans must reach out in a sincere and valiant effort to blacks and hispanics. The gop must also address the subject of immigration in the entire country and not just the states that are relevant.This should be completed by 2012 so as the party has a competent candidate to run successively and win the hearts and minds of the citizenry. One may ponder that this blogger is of that party and that is the wrong conclusion. This blogger is an Independent. There are many competent individuals within the Republican party. There shouldn’t be any in bickering within the party too. For that is an instrument of failure. The party should be united and glue themselves only to the issues. That is a ticket for success. One may know that there will be issues then and some continuing issues as well. Hopefully there won’t be another war in addition to the two on the table. This incoming administration will have an enomous plate on the table. It is unfortunate being that each administration inherits from the previous one. This one that is in power now has made some incredible blunders mostly on the domestic front and that is circulated worldwide. This president has made some blunders too internationally that have had a ripple effect domestically.

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