Entry for November 10, 2008″ Rebuilding” Part 2

A few trees are now bare with the arrival of winter approaching. There are white seagulls in a group of five flying across the bay. There are various black and grey geese in the water as they scurry along at a creeping pace, it looks like they are sitting still in the bay. There are ominous clouds of numerous shapes darker and lighter as it reveals snow is on its way in the near future. In 2002 and 2003 the Talaban and al Qaeda shot rockets, flares, bombs and missiles attempting to annihilate the buddhas which were set in a mountain village in Afghanistan. All that was left from this horrific act was five gapeing holes shaped like the buddhas. This act was accomplished b/c in their way of thinking it was idolatry. Inside the mountain were the brahmans and on a daily basis they practised brahma. Today there is a huge high barbed wire surrounding a restaurant and the rubble which encompases a football field and yet today is remains to be a very safe place within the area. There are very treacherous, dangerous road leading to this place and one may risk their life in traveling there. In the crumble pieces left, the brahmans are taking shovels and with painstaking precision collect all the rubble and chunks that are scattered in a very immense area.They will be rebuilding their buddhas. Their aim is to achieve this. There is not a framework nor timeline for their completion. The important factor is that these brahmans have begun their well intentioned, meritorious task. With ingenuity, fortitude, perseverance and benevolence this act will be forthcoming and the brahmans will be thankful for the outcome. They as a whole are doing work that will benefit their entire nation and should be commended for it.They are a true esample of courage.

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