Entry for November 11, 2008′ In Memoriam”

Let one and all Americans rejuvenate ourselves and commemorate in memoriam, for the freedom we hold dear in our hearts. Let us as a country as a whole, ponder the endless lives who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Veteran’s Day is a way to ponder further their lives if fate hadn’t stood in their way as to what they would have become; professionally, intellectually, emotionally. We mustn’t forget the countless lives who have been injured physically,and injured in an irreversible manner. In the same tone the countless veterans who are homeless too. There is the Triborough Bridge which connects the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. The Triborough Bridge in a few day will be dedicated and renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Robert Francis Kennedy grew up in the Bronx and was a Senator from the state of New York. His valiant life was lost on June 6th 1968. So this bridge is a fitting tribute; he bridged people together in a visionary matter. John Fitzgerald Kennedy who was a President of this country lost his life on November 22, 1963. There are many structures named and renamed after him in this country and others, namely Ireland the land of his ancestry. If one has the unique advantage on this day to visit Arlington National Cemetery in the national capital; where one may find the solace to reflection. One too should ponder the men and women who are now fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and pray for their continued safety and their return to their family and friends. For the adjacent few days there is rain, sleet and snow and it is going to be decidedly colder.One’s daily walks have been sporadic, which will suffice.

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