Entry for November 21, 2008″ Sojourn”

In the interim one has been walking sporadically as the weather is conducive; and in doing so one has esperimented with the brisk wind as cold and stinging one’s face as one would continue to walk facing the wind and while returning the wind would be at one’s back. Along the way the nature persists, as one is in observance of the clouds in the sky too. And of course the news continued on the national, international and local fronts. One will go into detail later as the news stories are prevalent to one’s liking. Been preparing to go to Indpls. on Tuesday for Thanksgiving and a visit to see my sister Vivian and family. So the weather is of contention to dress appropriately and at the same time not to overdress. One has already packed however will revise it before Tuesday. Like doing things prematurely so one has time for oneself to reflect and relent.Been instant messaging my niece occasionally too. Watching news programmes on the pbs tele, and an abc.com news programme too. The latter one concerns the well publicised story of the person who is now a man who gave birth to a baby girl and is now pregnant with the second offspring. The other person who is now a woman nursed the infant in plain view of the cameras capturing this event. This transgender person claims to be the first man to give birth. In watching and listening to the entire programme this isn’t true. There happens to be at least third five or moreso at last count to have done this. The whole concept in one’s view is repugnant.One might say too in the same vane that the doctors who have performed these procedures beforehand, during and all of them should have their licenses taken away. These individuals who practise medicine cross the line when it comes to morality. These doctors of medicine aren’t abortionists or one’s who practise in the clinics of fertility. There isn’t a comparison or correlation with those. The programme was very graffic in its content and yet in someway educationally disturbing as well. In the fact that these processes are there in the 21st century. It would seem to one’s thinking that medicine has advanced in the wrong direction. Or was it always capable of that? It has tipped to scale in the wrong direction.

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