Entry for November 22, 2008″ A Revelation”

In the course of walking one finds the temps slightly warmer as the wind wasn’t nearly a factor. There were several geese with squeaking and squealing sounds for a total of five minutes to interfere with the peacefulness of the surroundings as this came out of the blue. This sound was loud enough and it was as if the geese were in a conversation with one another. There was a revelation as the news reports saying that Guantanamo prison was closing in the near future. However there wasn’t a date as yet of the closure. The combatants who have been held there for nearly seven years, there is an uncertainty of where they go. These combatants who haven’t been properly charged in a court of law is a disgrace. They have been held against their will in a confined space. Some combatants have been moved to Camp Delta. The guards there have used reward and punishment. Some combatants have been water boarded which is inhuman and is definitely a sign of torture. This is in direct defiance of the Geneva Convention. In 2004, most combatants were rounded up and taken blindfolded to an unknown location and from there taken to Guantanamo. On the way they were strapped to a board so they may only view upward; and some were shackeled by their ankles and wrists so they may only view downward. This was done in the same way when they were transported from one group of cells and other groups of cells within Guantanamo; which is a prison within a prison. Some of these combatants have been set free to venture to their own country if they wish. Some who have been caught in the crossfire and been in prison who are innocent. They have been away from their own country as well as their own family. And the worry in which those families have are unbearable. Many are mere teenagers and the suicide rate in there is very abundant. The time lost there is irreplacable. One should keep in mind to treat others with dignity, respect and justice inspite of culture and religion.

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