Entry for November 24, 2008″ The Space Programme”

Today is the first measurable snowfall. There is nearly two in a half inches on the ground yet enough to make the morning commute difficult at best for some. One is leaving for the holiday tomorrow at mid morning in hope that this precipitation will taper off or better yet wane altogether. The space programme is out dated, should be revamped,or abolished. Taken the economic crisis it is much too espensive to operate. It is fare game that there have been several rockets and other apparatuses that have been inoperable for one reason or another and have failed to get off the ground. The repairable condition isn’t worth the money, time and energy. This is the time to cut corners in anyway, everyway one can. Given the moment when the United States was the first country to have a man of the moon, which is most commendable. This country should be satisfied with that; and think that there isn’t a country to take that away from the United States. There has been discouveries such as the H. telescope, which was major and some other minor discouveries for certain. Surely the United States have teemed up with other countries and been a team player in this process. The Houston Commander Center is surely esorbitant to operate daily as well as the Kennedy Space Station in Orlando; the alternative station, Edwards Air Force Base in California is used periodically too. So there are three stations used for this venture. If the money could and in all probability would in actuality be diverted to some well deserved programmes such as stem cell research; and instead of always being on the verve of curing some disease then actually cure one and many more, universal healthcare, a place where children and teens could go afterschool; the boys and girls club in very state in lieu of the streets, to have beat cops in the problematic areas in the country so the citizenry would feel more secure in their environs, and have the public transportation be in suitable working order primarily Amtrak, so that an individual may use this as an alterative to their automobiles and in turn have a healthier lifestyle. This is one’s perspective.

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