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Entry for December 31, 2008″ The How and Why”

December 31, 2008

As bitter cold temps are here with wind gusts plentiful, one contemplates the how and why. It is surmised that all the precautions were taken, the latest technological advances were put in place such as sonar, radar devises and these Canadian snowmobilers weren’t the foolhardy type. Yet when there was an avalanche which went adrift consumed all in its path. There were several snowmobilers were swallowed as the massive snow storm developed; then without notice there was a second avalanche. These avalanches were so supposedly occurred within seconds of each others as four rescuers made a valid attempt to save the subsequent snowmobilers. Their validity weren’t successful. Ones heart sank when reading the various articles written; as one too was visibly shaken as tears rolling down one’s face last night thinking of these Canadians and their demise. These thoughts grated within one’s brain and refused to let go. A helicopter exploded a devise to shake the snow off some of them and to bring them to safety. This was gratefully with success as three of these snowmobilers survived and were taken to hospital with minor injuries. There were eight snowmobilers that didn’t survive including the rescuers. Yesterday when one initially read the first article and it was reported that a snowmobiler was missing; one immediately recollected the true story of the soccer players in Chile on the way back from Peru when their plane had crashed and some were missing; and some of them were found alive. So one had hoped that this was the case in this case. Out of this whole ordeal, one has read later articles to be updated on the immediate facts and to be rest assured that three were found alive brings immeasurable comfort to one’s soul.

Entry for December 28, 2008 ” Compelled”

December 28, 2008

With a combination of sleet, rain and colder temps, it is obviously a skating rink in the outdoor sunshine as thin, thicker coats of ice brace the roadways, sidestreets and sidewalks. As the holidays continue with parties, celebrations one is compelled to comment on an emotional and most tragic news piece that was in Newsday. A Queens based trama surgeon at the tender age of only forty-two was killed in Iraq. He who left a wife, and family who all were young in age, now must continue their life without him and be brave as he was. Part of his job was to tell families that their son or daughter were killed in a war and this competent surgeon did this unthankful task more than one may count and did this repeatedly over and over again. Now it is his fellow colleagues turn to tell his family of their most untimely loss. This physician scripted a medical journal which is shown on the Borders website. This well known person wrote several articles in the Philadelphia Enquinor, the New Jersey Star Ledger and most likely syndicated papers as well. An article that strikes home mentions in essence the value of life. He contends that there isn’t a difference between the lives taken in the Philadelphia streets and the streets in Iraq. He contends they are both war zones. And when lives are taken as killers line people up ages 15 to 56 years of age and kill them execution style in a crack house; the media doesn’t report this for the reason that this occurrence took place in the inner city. This surgeon says the value of life is the same. One begs to differ with that statement. One knows that each and every life is precious as they come into this world; however when life is taken there is the reason of circumstances, as to where they were at the time of death,one would refer to this as circumstantial evidence, as to what they were doing, and what lead up to this death. When a well known surgeon who has dedicated his life in helping others and is highly educated is killed in a war; it is far different than some wasted crackhead. Their values aren’t comparable.

Entry for December 27, 2008″Peace”

December 27, 2008

As fog encompasses the outdoors, it is eerie and foreboding. The record snowfall is slowly melting at a rapid pace with temps now well above there is a chance of flooding as the sewers are covered with snow, and of course traffic mishaps forthcoming with visibilities at a standstill. With the days winding down to a precious few left within the year, one is hopeful that the upcoming year will bring peace or of some segment of it, in lieu of what is now known presently. The best guess is to commense with one’s family. Try at least to make an honest effort to achieve this goal. Just start with the small accomplishments, and when that is done, then branch out to others such as friends and before long one will find this deed to be easy. It will become contagious. One way is to simply accept others regardless of who they are, and then work with what one’s got. Knowing that human beings aren’t perfect; try to be tolerant of their faults. Try to influence all that comes within contact. Take to knowledge that others have a work with it to one’s own advantage. It is a fact that personalities clash at times and other personalities will never see eye to eye. Then accept this fact and still work with what that is given. In everything and everyone there is common ground. One has to just find it, and that is the mystery of it and one will seem joyous when one finally finds that discouvery.Think of it as an immense treasure hunt and as an impressive undertaking that will ultimately benefit all humans. One must remember while in the midst of this; one is constantly learning from others, regardless of who they are; and a little known fact those humans are learning from you and you may not be aware of this at the time that this process is undergoing. Another way is to second guess others as one will know their operandi. This isn’t an overnight success.

Entry for December 23, 2008″ Eve of Christmas Eve”

December 23, 2008

With snow falling on the ground as one has shoveled this morning while hearing flocks of birds singing it was very enjoyable. It isn’t cold only in the twenties so it is pleasant to obtain some workout while accomplishing a useful task. Tomorrow is Christmas eve. One has two gifts to open so far and one is patiently awaiting. Some worries are on the horison as one was on Liz’s website that she is frozen in Effington,Illinois for work. I thought of emailing her again yet she hasn’t read the email on the eighteenth yet she hasn’t been on her computer,and is now using an iphone. So one has emailed Jenny another niece to see how she was and to ask about Liz. Then one has emailed Liz’s sister Christal and asked her. One has done this only to ease one’s mind of worry. And on top of that, one hasn’t heard from my son Andre for a while. The last time one has heard from him was when there was a huge snowstorm in Seattle, which for Seattle is very uncommon. So with all that one’s mind doesn’t want to jump to conclusions and worry unnecessarily. Saw on Ian’s and Michele’s website that Ian and family is coming home in June instead of August as scheduled. They will be home for a few years. That in itself makes one joyous and had to tell my friend, Carol after finishing reading it for one couldn’t contain one’s happiness.One thinks when others are uprooted in some fashion then one feels compelled to act in a positive way. Got an email from Andrea who just recently had her second child, a boy named Gavin. She sent me a few pictures of her daughter Ava. Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat.Put a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t a penny a heypenny will do. If you haven’t a heypenny then God bless you. That’s an English Christmas carol. Peace to all. Peace on Earth.

Entry for December 21, 2008″End of an Era”

December 21, 2008

This is the first day of winter chronologically. Nevertheless it remains to be seen as a third winter storm is scheduled for Monday and into Tuesday. This makes the third in a seven day period. With the nominations to the upcoming Cabinet several or more seats in the Senate will be vacant. This is providing that those nominations are confirmed when the new legislature convenes for the adjacent session. There is also a Senate seat in Minnesota that hasn’t been decided as yet, being that the closeness is a key. The Senate seats that are in question, besides Minnesota are as follows Delaware, which the now Vice President Elect has kept for nearly forty years; New York, this is a highly contested in which a Kennedy wants the seat; South Dakota which was held for many years by Tom Daschle; Massachusetts whose seat has been held and is held by ailing Ted Kennedy; Illinois whose seat was left by the President Elect. The gouvernors of each state which have this dilemna are suppose to appointed a successor. In Illinois this is a real quagmire b/c of alleged allegations by this present gouvernor. One may wonder will laws be past in a more readily fashion knowing that the Congress and the President will be of the same party this time? That isn’t necessarily correct. It will be easier said than done. It will be pragmatic to see what occurs in actuality. One may mention that others are in waiting such as John Kerry committee in respect to Biden’s seat until Joe Biden’s son comes home from Iraq to take the seat permanently. This was done in Massachusetts until Ted Kennedy came of age which was thirty two years of age. It is like a house of cards.

Entry for December 20, 2008″Caring”

December 20, 2008

With the first of the winter storms that was yesterday, one took the time and shoveled twice in a day’s time. There was at least a foot of snow, however the wind wasn’t blowing and it seemed like a pleasant task. Late this evening is another winter blast with snow and record breaking temps; wind chills far under zero. One sounds like a meterologist without meaning to be. One’s observation have been many over the years. There are many ways of caring and it comes in various forms. One has noticed when an adult,either parent,mom and/or dad and children are walking on the sidewalk with them; it is unusual to see the children walking in back of the adults instead of walking in front of them or besides them. Is this indigenous to the midwest? Their reasoning when asked why, is that the child walks at a slower pace and therefore the adult justifies their action. That isn’t a justification,feeble at best. That is how children get lost, kidnapped, being struck with an automobile, or other sort of vehicle. Either a minor or major mishap may occur. That isn’t a proper way of caring. If an adult walks beside or in front of them the adult may take part in pleasant conversation or even nice pleasantries; and therefore in doing so the adult may know for sure where the child is at all times. This way it doesn’t deter any mishap, yet the mishap is diminished and if by chance a mishap would happen the adult could come to the child’s defence. This way isn’t a form of overprotecting, it is a rational way.It is a better way of setting a good esample for the ones that we hold dear within our hearts.

Entry for December 17, 2008″Another Mode” Part 2

December 17, 2008

With the sun shining through the windows and the snow abound, there is more snow scheduled tomorrow in the scope of the winter snowstorm which will bring the total of snow to a foot. The roar of the sound of trains is comforting. One heard that sound in the bus stations of Indpls.,Milwaukee and Chicago as those stations were incorporated in one. One could see the Dan Ryan with the track inbetween the lines of traffic. It is an auesome sight. Amtrack is alive and well in major cities. Wish there were an Amtrack line in Madison, Wisc. The money would be useful and the persons would be provided with comfort and affordability. Then the person who wanted to travel would have less hassle in the way the greyhound is run as to the time frame. If that occured one could go further all the way to the east coast or to the west coast with much less hassle along the way. It would seem that the tax revenue would be an advantage to the state. Or the money would be given to the county or to the city. And the citizenry would have an option when traveling. Other major cities have this opportunity for the genre so why not madisonwi.? If it is a question of money, the county should appropriate funds and budget it wisely. There should be a vote in the general or primary election or make it a referendum. When one is thinking of trimming one’s weight this is a prime esample, as to the walking aspect of it and the general fitness. That would elevate the situation entirely, when it comes to the driving angle, saving fuel, wear and tear of tires, saving on overnight stays, making the venture much more enjoyable in cutting the time frame down and spending more time with others.

Entry for December 16, 2008″Another Mode” Part 1

December 16, 2008

Again as one awakes to yet another bone chilling day, there is ice glimmering on both windows of the room and too it is cloudy as the apparentness of the sun doesn’t glow through the ice covered windows. The ice seems that it has thickened overnight. One thinks of the recent venture to Indpls in respect to the mode of travel which was done by greyhound. All in all for the most part turned out favourably. The time frame was well as far as making up time lost for delays.Weatherwise it was good, no major storms in which to tend. Returning to Madison was a bit of a hassle. After waiting for at least an hour off schedule and boarding the bus and starting out, no sooner than that, the bus had to return to the station b/c of an air pressure problem. Needless to say the passengers were disheartened. They were sitting in the bus for nearly another two hours for the decision of the driver, and then we had to depart from that bus and board another bus which was a trailways and this took another hour. However the driver was non apologetic, and voiced that the safety of the passengers was more important than the time frame. This attitude seemed most irritating at best. One would think that one idea would be in accordance with the other. It would correlate in one’s perception, however this driver didn’t view that opinion. Some passengers became very irrate. Before this occurrence there was a man who was allegedly intoxicated and fell over some luggage near to where one was standing and was promptly seen by the authorities and was then arrested. Throughout this entire venture departing and arriving was a bit on the downside for some of the passengers were using vulgarity as to speech and it was somewhat depressing. Some were out and out very loud in their utterance of vulgarity. One best guess is that it takes all kinds.

Entry for December 15, 2008″Mandate”

December 15, 2008

Today as one piers out of the window there’s ice glistening on both as the sun shines through in the hopes of warming the frigid day. One is at the moment doing one’s part in the warming process with a hot cup of herbal tea; however any tea will suffice as one wraps hands around the warm cup in the attempts to keep warm. There is an ice storm on the east coast, a snowstorm on the west coast and a blizzard that is now in process in the plains. Fortunately the upper part of this state is affected, in which the city one lives is in the southern part. A mandate by the government affects all television reception in two months and at the moment when one is viewing the tele there is a constant reminder, unless one has a more espensive devise such as cable, dish network or satellite. Apparently this won’t affect the dvd, vcr discs for it is channeled directed. How does the government have the utter nerve to do this to the electorate? What is their reason? Already the three major stations and their affiliates are geared politically. One is all for moving forward into the 21st century as the diverse aspects are a wonder to behold and cherish; however to demand is altogether different. Did the government ask the electorate to vote; or was there a poll taken? Is the rest of the world affected by this process which will take place? Or is the US only affected by the demands of their government? Here is a scenario. Imagine the families who are poor, desperately poor,the underprivileged, who are scrapping along from day to day without enough the bare necessities; food, shelter and much less a computer. These people who are live in the poor areas of the U.S. are affected by the government too. How will these people protect themselves from the elements such as weather related? How will these human beings know when there is horrid weather on the way beforehand? One will guess that they will rely on the radio. If not they will be the countless numbers of the ones who are in the morgues in the numbers of hospitals. How sad. There are coupons that will assist the genre for converters sold at stores too. All must be ready.

Entry for December 10, 2008″Young Lives” Part 3

December 10, 2008

As it has ceased the combination of wintery weather; there is more in the following few days. Put the thank you cards and others out to post this morning and observed it to be favourable.The young lives continue to be incarcerated bewildered, confused and seemingly stark to their obvious fate and to their oncoming reality of facing the unknown. It is a puzzlement to those who seem to wonder the analysation of their alleged actions; and moreso the rhyme or reason thusfar. To ponder it is one thing, to carry it out is altogether another story.Were these young individuals simply followers and caught up in the moment and unable to turn back? Did Marcelo Lucero drive them to such rage by anything he did, or say in the past? Or was it simply a fact of being idle and bored on that fateful night?It is unbelievable that these young lives were set out for rage and mayhem. Could have it been vengeance of some sort? The body of Marcelo Lucero was flown back to Ecuador and the people there had a proper burial for him and grieved for him in the process. Now b/c of their senseless acts these their freedom as they knew it in the past has ceased. Will the prison system afford them to continue to their education, learn a trade? Were they school dropouts? Or were they simply skimming along by the skin of their teeth while they enjoyed the comforts of home and the security of the parents. Did they have some learning difficulties in schools that made them incapable of learning? Were the teachers just passing them from grade to grade just so they themselves wouldn’t have to deal with these unfortunate young human beings. These seven were all in their teens. They all knew the difference from right and wrong,for one is taught that at seven years of age. Apparently this wasn’t instilled in them, as to what is morally and ethnically correct and incorrect.