Entry for December 08, 2008″ Young Lives” Part 1

After a sojourne by autobus and the techniques of that, arriving home last night was refreshing and a mere joy to view the ultimate beauty, scenery and nature abound. Home is where the heart is indeed. The young lives that are now wasted in the culmination of a heinous crime who have been indicted now,their lives hang in the balance as these young individuals are incarcerated waiting for trial. These seven allegedly stabbed Marcelo Lucero who was an immigrant who was from Ecuador. This Ecuadorean immigrant whether legal or non plays a part in his circumstances; however in no means does it influence in his outcome. This crime happened on L.I. and the perps were from Medford, East Patchogue and Patchogue Medford in which they attended school. They all typified behavior in a normal way in playing sports, soccer, rugby. So this abnormal behavior is puzzling and shocking in the same sense. The sense that this crime was and is perpetrated to be a gang and hate crime is surely up for discussion as to the guilt or innocence as well. Because it was committed against an Ecuadorean leads the way in the political sense as to the immigration process. The gouvernor of New York has spoken in great length, as well as several other politicans who have voiced a word or two on the controversial subject. This story has reached far and beyond and isn’t only on the local scene. This is mainly in result to the persons involved. It is estremely sad this occurred in the state of New York and moreso within the city itself. One doesn’t espect occurrences in places that one holds dear, however unfortunately it is reality.

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