Entry for December 09, 2008″Young Lives”Part 2

With snow abound and more snow forthcoming, one notices the scenery as spectacular. In a course of less hours in a day,there was freezing rain, sleet, and snow as it was a repetition. Today there is an article in Newsday about the Guardian Angels patroling Patchogue. There also is an article in Newsday of another Ecuadorean dying located in Bushwich which is in Brooklyn; and Rev. Al Sharpton gives his political view. This is telling the readers that it is a hate crime. One is wondering is it targeted only against Ecuadoreans? The young lives who sit senseless awaiting trial in Patchogue ponder their fate. Some of them are part Hispanics in origin so why would they attack one of their own? Are their reasonings a meticulous? How did these young lives arrive to this conclusion as to commit this dastardly crime? Is it part of their dna or gene? How could this have been prevented? Harassment and such could have superseded this crime with only tolerance. Was there a family history of abuse, physical, mental prior to the act? Was there the volatility building up within these young persons? Then without notice simply unleashing with utter terror. Their families must be very remorseful for their actions taken. As these young persons sit alone with their thoughts incarcerated only seeing the guards watching each and every move with inferred cameras, they hopefully have thoughts of their actions which have brought them to this place of incarceration. Hopefully they miss their families especially around this time of year and in a minute way are remorse for what have transpired. One hopes that they will be man enough to accept what is in store for them as their consequences for their actions unfold and they learn as in movie with Ed Norton “American HistoryX”

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