Entry for December 10, 2008″Young Lives” Part 3

As it has ceased the combination of wintery weather; there is more in the following few days. Put the thank you cards and others out to post this morning and observed it to be favourable.The young lives continue to be incarcerated bewildered, confused and seemingly stark to their obvious fate and to their oncoming reality of facing the unknown. It is a puzzlement to those who seem to wonder the analysation of their alleged actions; and moreso the rhyme or reason thusfar. To ponder it is one thing, to carry it out is altogether another story.Were these young individuals simply followers and caught up in the moment and unable to turn back? Did Marcelo Lucero drive them to such rage by anything he did, or say in the past? Or was it simply a fact of being idle and bored on that fateful night?It is unbelievable that these young lives were set out for rage and mayhem. Could have it been vengeance of some sort? The body of Marcelo Lucero was flown back to Ecuador and the people there had a proper burial for him and grieved for him in the process. Now b/c of their senseless acts these their freedom as they knew it in the past has ceased. Will the prison system afford them to continue to their education, learn a trade? Were they school dropouts? Or were they simply skimming along by the skin of their teeth while they enjoyed the comforts of home and the security of the parents. Did they have some learning difficulties in schools that made them incapable of learning? Were the teachers just passing them from grade to grade just so they themselves wouldn’t have to deal with these unfortunate young human beings. These seven were all in their teens. They all knew the difference from right and wrong,for one is taught that at seven years of age. Apparently this wasn’t instilled in them, as to what is morally and ethnically correct and incorrect.

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