Entry for December 15, 2008″Mandate”

Today as one piers out of the window there’s ice glistening on both as the sun shines through in the hopes of warming the frigid day. One is at the moment doing one’s part in the warming process with a hot cup of herbal tea; however any tea will suffice as one wraps hands around the warm cup in the attempts to keep warm. There is an ice storm on the east coast, a snowstorm on the west coast and a blizzard that is now in process in the plains. Fortunately the upper part of this state is affected, in which the city one lives is in the southern part. A mandate by the government affects all television reception in two months and at the moment when one is viewing the tele there is a constant reminder, unless one has a more espensive devise such as cable, dish network or satellite. Apparently this won’t affect the dvd, vcr discs for it is channeled directed. How does the government have the utter nerve to do this to the electorate? What is their reason? Already the three major stations and their affiliates are geared politically. One is all for moving forward into the 21st century as the diverse aspects are a wonder to behold and cherish; however to demand is altogether different. Did the government ask the electorate to vote; or was there a poll taken? Is the rest of the world affected by this process which will take place? Or is the US only affected by the demands of their government? Here is a scenario. Imagine the families who are poor, desperately poor,the underprivileged, who are scrapping along from day to day without enough the bare necessities; food, shelter and much less a computer. These people who are live in the poor areas of the U.S. are affected by the government too. How will these people protect themselves from the elements such as weather related? How will these human beings know when there is horrid weather on the way beforehand? One will guess that they will rely on the radio. If not they will be the countless numbers of the ones who are in the morgues in the numbers of hospitals. How sad. There are coupons that will assist the genre for converters sold at stores too. All must be ready.

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