Entry for December 16, 2008″Another Mode” Part 1

Again as one awakes to yet another bone chilling day, there is ice glimmering on both windows of the room and too it is cloudy as the apparentness of the sun doesn’t glow through the ice covered windows. The ice seems that it has thickened overnight. One thinks of the recent venture to Indpls in respect to the mode of travel which was done by greyhound. All in all for the most part turned out favourably. The time frame was well as far as making up time lost for delays.Weatherwise it was good, no major storms in which to tend. Returning to Madison was a bit of a hassle. After waiting for at least an hour off schedule and boarding the bus and starting out, no sooner than that, the bus had to return to the station b/c of an air pressure problem. Needless to say the passengers were disheartened. They were sitting in the bus for nearly another two hours for the decision of the driver, and then we had to depart from that bus and board another bus which was a trailways and this took another hour. However the driver was non apologetic, and voiced that the safety of the passengers was more important than the time frame. This attitude seemed most irritating at best. One would think that one idea would be in accordance with the other. It would correlate in one’s perception, however this driver didn’t view that opinion. Some passengers became very irrate. Before this occurrence there was a man who was allegedly intoxicated and fell over some luggage near to where one was standing and was promptly seen by the authorities and was then arrested. Throughout this entire venture departing and arriving was a bit on the downside for some of the passengers were using vulgarity as to speech and it was somewhat depressing. Some were out and out very loud in their utterance of vulgarity. One best guess is that it takes all kinds.

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