Entry for December 17, 2008″Another Mode” Part 2

With the sun shining through the windows and the snow abound, there is more snow scheduled tomorrow in the scope of the winter snowstorm which will bring the total of snow to a foot. The roar of the sound of trains is comforting. One heard that sound in the bus stations of Indpls.,Milwaukee and Chicago as those stations were incorporated in one. One could see the Dan Ryan with the track inbetween the lines of traffic. It is an auesome sight. Amtrack is alive and well in major cities. Wish there were an Amtrack line in Madison, Wisc. The money would be useful and the persons would be provided with comfort and affordability. Then the person who wanted to travel would have less hassle in the way the greyhound is run as to the time frame. If that occured one could go further all the way to the east coast or to the west coast with much less hassle along the way. It would seem that the tax revenue would be an advantage to the state. Or the money would be given to the county or to the city. And the citizenry would have an option when traveling. Other major cities have this opportunity for the genre so why not madisonwi.? If it is a question of money, the county should appropriate funds and budget it wisely. There should be a vote in the general or primary election or make it a referendum. When one is thinking of trimming one’s weight this is a prime esample, as to the walking aspect of it and the general fitness. That would elevate the situation entirely, when it comes to the driving angle, saving fuel, wear and tear of tires, saving on overnight stays, making the venture much more enjoyable in cutting the time frame down and spending more time with others.

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