Entry for December 20, 2008″Caring”

With the first of the winter storms that was yesterday, one took the time and shoveled twice in a day’s time. There was at least a foot of snow, however the wind wasn’t blowing and it seemed like a pleasant task. Late this evening is another winter blast with snow and record breaking temps; wind chills far under zero. One sounds like a meterologist without meaning to be. One’s observation have been many over the years. There are many ways of caring and it comes in various forms. One has noticed when an adult,either parent,mom and/or dad and children are walking on the sidewalk with them; it is unusual to see the children walking in back of the adults instead of walking in front of them or besides them. Is this indigenous to the midwest? Their reasoning when asked why, is that the child walks at a slower pace and therefore the adult justifies their action. That isn’t a justification,feeble at best. That is how children get lost, kidnapped, being struck with an automobile, or other sort of vehicle. Either a minor or major mishap may occur. That isn’t a proper way of caring. If an adult walks beside or in front of them the adult may take part in pleasant conversation or even nice pleasantries; and therefore in doing so the adult may know for sure where the child is at all times. This way it doesn’t deter any mishap, yet the mishap is diminished and if by chance a mishap would happen the adult could come to the child’s defence. This way isn’t a form of overprotecting, it is a rational way.It is a better way of setting a good esample for the ones that we hold dear within our hearts.

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