Entry for December 21, 2008″End of an Era”

This is the first day of winter chronologically. Nevertheless it remains to be seen as a third winter storm is scheduled for Monday and into Tuesday. This makes the third in a seven day period. With the nominations to the upcoming Cabinet several or more seats in the Senate will be vacant. This is providing that those nominations are confirmed when the new legislature convenes for the adjacent session. There is also a Senate seat in Minnesota that hasn’t been decided as yet, being that the closeness is a key. The Senate seats that are in question, besides Minnesota are as follows Delaware, which the now Vice President Elect has kept for nearly forty years; New York, this is a highly contested in which a Kennedy wants the seat; South Dakota which was held for many years by Tom Daschle; Massachusetts whose seat has been held and is held by ailing Ted Kennedy; Illinois whose seat was left by the President Elect. The gouvernors of each state which have this dilemna are suppose to appointed a successor. In Illinois this is a real quagmire b/c of alleged allegations by this present gouvernor. One may wonder will laws be past in a more readily fashion knowing that the Congress and the President will be of the same party this time? That isn’t necessarily correct. It will be easier said than done. It will be pragmatic to see what occurs in actuality. One may mention that others are in waiting such as John Kerry committee in respect to Biden’s seat until Joe Biden’s son comes home from Iraq to take the seat permanently. This was done in Massachusetts until Ted Kennedy came of age which was thirty two years of age. It is like a house of cards.

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