Entry for December 23, 2008″ Eve of Christmas Eve”

With snow falling on the ground as one has shoveled this morning while hearing flocks of birds singing it was very enjoyable. It isn’t cold only in the twenties so it is pleasant to obtain some workout while accomplishing a useful task. Tomorrow is Christmas eve. One has two gifts to open so far and one is patiently awaiting. Some worries are on the horison as one was on Liz’s website that she is frozen in Effington,Illinois for work. I thought of emailing her again yet she hasn’t read the email on the eighteenth yet she hasn’t been on her computer,and is now using an iphone. So one has emailed Jenny another niece to see how she was and to ask about Liz. Then one has emailed Liz’s sister Christal and asked her. One has done this only to ease one’s mind of worry. And on top of that, one hasn’t heard from my son Andre for a while. The last time one has heard from him was when there was a huge snowstorm in Seattle, which for Seattle is very uncommon. So with all that one’s mind doesn’t want to jump to conclusions and worry unnecessarily. Saw on Ian’s and Michele’s website that Ian and family is coming home in June instead of August as scheduled. They will be home for a few years. That in itself makes one joyous and had to tell my friend, Carol after finishing reading it for one couldn’t contain one’s happiness.One thinks when others are uprooted in some fashion then one feels compelled to act in a positive way. Got an email from Andrea who just recently had her second child, a boy named Gavin. She sent me a few pictures of her daughter Ava. Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat.Put a penny in the old man’s hat. If you haven’t a penny a heypenny will do. If you haven’t a heypenny then God bless you. That’s an English Christmas carol. Peace to all. Peace on Earth.

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