Entry for December 27, 2008″Peace”

As fog encompasses the outdoors, it is eerie and foreboding. The record snowfall is slowly melting at a rapid pace with temps now well above there is a chance of flooding as the sewers are covered with snow, and of course traffic mishaps forthcoming with visibilities at a standstill. With the days winding down to a precious few left within the year, one is hopeful that the upcoming year will bring peace or of some segment of it, in lieu of what is now known presently. The best guess is to commense with one’s family. Try at least to make an honest effort to achieve this goal. Just start with the small accomplishments, and when that is done, then branch out to others such as friends and before long one will find this deed to be easy. It will become contagious. One way is to simply accept others regardless of who they are, and then work with what one’s got. Knowing that human beings aren’t perfect; try to be tolerant of their faults. Try to influence all that comes within contact. Take to knowledge that others have a work with it to one’s own advantage. It is a fact that personalities clash at times and other personalities will never see eye to eye. Then accept this fact and still work with what that is given. In everything and everyone there is common ground. One has to just find it, and that is the mystery of it and one will seem joyous when one finally finds that discouvery.Think of it as an immense treasure hunt and as an impressive undertaking that will ultimately benefit all humans. One must remember while in the midst of this; one is constantly learning from others, regardless of who they are; and a little known fact those humans are learning from you and you may not be aware of this at the time that this process is undergoing. Another way is to second guess others as one will know their operandi. This isn’t an overnight success.

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