Entry for December 28, 2008 ” Compelled”

With a combination of sleet, rain and colder temps, it is obviously a skating rink in the outdoor sunshine as thin, thicker coats of ice brace the roadways, sidestreets and sidewalks. As the holidays continue with parties, celebrations one is compelled to comment on an emotional and most tragic news piece that was in Newsday. A Queens based trama surgeon at the tender age of only forty-two was killed in Iraq. He who left a wife, and family who all were young in age, now must continue their life without him and be brave as he was. Part of his job was to tell families that their son or daughter were killed in a war and this competent surgeon did this unthankful task more than one may count and did this repeatedly over and over again. Now it is his fellow colleagues turn to tell his family of their most untimely loss. This physician scripted a medical journal which is shown on the Borders website. This well known person wrote several articles in the Philadelphia Enquinor, the New Jersey Star Ledger and most likely syndicated papers as well. An article that strikes home mentions in essence the value of life. He contends that there isn’t a difference between the lives taken in the Philadelphia streets and the streets in Iraq. He contends they are both war zones. And when lives are taken as killers line people up ages 15 to 56 years of age and kill them execution style in a crack house; the media doesn’t report this for the reason that this occurrence took place in the inner city. This surgeon says the value of life is the same. One begs to differ with that statement. One knows that each and every life is precious as they come into this world; however when life is taken there is the reason of circumstances, as to where they were at the time of death,one would refer to this as circumstantial evidence, as to what they were doing, and what lead up to this death. When a well known surgeon who has dedicated his life in helping others and is highly educated is killed in a war; it is far different than some wasted crackhead. Their values aren’t comparable.

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