Entry for December 31, 2008″ The How and Why”

As bitter cold temps are here with wind gusts plentiful, one contemplates the how and why. It is surmised that all the precautions were taken, the latest technological advances were put in place such as sonar, radar devises and these Canadian snowmobilers weren’t the foolhardy type. Yet when there was an avalanche which went adrift consumed all in its path. There were several snowmobilers were swallowed as the massive snow storm developed; then without notice there was a second avalanche. These avalanches were so supposedly occurred within seconds of each others as four rescuers made a valid attempt to save the subsequent snowmobilers. Their validity weren’t successful. Ones heart sank when reading the various articles written; as one too was visibly shaken as tears rolling down one’s face last night thinking of these Canadians and their demise. These thoughts grated within one’s brain and refused to let go. A helicopter exploded a devise to shake the snow off some of them and to bring them to safety. This was gratefully with success as three of these snowmobilers survived and were taken to hospital with minor injuries. There were eight snowmobilers that didn’t survive including the rescuers. Yesterday when one initially read the first article and it was reported that a snowmobiler was missing; one immediately recollected the true story of the soccer players in Chile on the way back from Peru when their plane had crashed and some were missing; and some of them were found alive. So one had hoped that this was the case in this case. Out of this whole ordeal, one has read later articles to be updated on the immediate facts and to be rest assured that three were found alive brings immeasurable comfort to one’s soul.

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