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Entry for January 20, 2009″Irritants”

January 20, 2009

As the weather becomes more suitable to the liking of most, although there is still snow while the sun shines brightly, one is thinking of irritants and the same time feeling a pride of self espression. Let us forever keep the freedoms that are precious to all of us; as we as a people although be critised never be oppressed by our thoughts. Now to the topic at hand. When one takes these tests; iq, what kind of drink one would be,what dog one would be ,what kind of auto one would prefer,and the like that are offered freely over the internet to partake if one desired. There are a series of likable tests that aren’t free. There is always a come on, a sales pitch. This one is from the same cell phone company to try to win over the more customers. If one doesn’t have any mobile phone in the first place these persons may take these tests however don’t get results of them. That can certainly be an irritation to oneself. There are always companies which are geared to this ploy and one shouldn’t be sucked into it. As for oneself it is amusing to just partake in it, and not have any espectations. Another irritation is the rich persons enacting their will on the average and the poor. This is incorrect b/c the rich are in a completely different classification. Even if the rich person was poor, average once or is married into money. Their emotions are diversed and isn’t comparable to the average or poor. It is a resemblance of a person saying don’t take drugs which that is obvious. It will fall on deaf ears regardless if the person in question is rich, average, poor b/c esperience makes the difference. It’s that way with everything one does. There for sure are many more however one has just touched the surface. Life is a carabet.

Entry for January 17, 2009″Outside Forces”

January 17, 2009

Haven’t yet been outdoors still it would seem a slight change from the frigid days previously. Still there was another snowfall overnight. Been busy on the computer with several sites which tend to makes the time spent constructively.Whenever there are wars fought or any type of conflights in the world, it would seem that outside forces tend to make it linger longer than in a normal pace. This goes for demonstrations of any kind protesting this and that. It seems that it is always fueled by these outside forces irrespective of the war, conflict, of demonstration itself. It would seem that these groups of people are highly paid for these actions. For instance, the recent conflict in Gaza. It was fueled by smugglers in Egypt in which the country was smuggling arms, ammonition and the like to the Gaza people and to Hamas. It is an utter shame that Hamas came to power in the first place, b/c it is a terrorous organisation and isn’t suited to the Palestinian people. It was and is instigated by Hamas bombarding Israel with rockets daily. When World War 1 and World War 2 broke out each were instigated yet was fueled by outside forces to make the length linger longer. One may surmise as to why it was so many years time and why it wasn’t a shorter period of time? Why was the Vietnam War a spand of ten years and why wasn’t it shorter? It is the same with the war in Iraq which is the length of time of Vietnam. The war in Afghanistan is the same and will take longer to resolve. Why can’t these wars be resolved in a shorter period of time. That goes for the same conflicts that are fought daily and doesn’t have news coverage. This is in Sri Lanka, Sudan, spreading to Chad, and Ethiopia, Russia and the Ukraine; Russia and Kazakhstan. It stands to reason that there will always be conflicts and wars of some type, the question is how long.

Entry for January 16, 2009″Winter Wonderland”

January 16, 2009

With unbearable conditions outdoors it doesn’t seem like a winter wonderland. Though in the warmth of one’s domicile one may take heart in the comfort. One has kept occupied with the sense that this weekend will seem like a heatwave with temps in the mid 3o’s. Have been on Facebook and it seems quite inventive. Posted a profile on it and attempted to invite friends and family on it, some with success and some not. Seems like one is aimed to know as many people as possible as to the reason of it. The windows are covered with frost,snow and ice and it is sight to behold; if only one had a digital camera to capture the magnificent scene. However one may only use her vivid imagination which will suffice. Looking forward to the future and am grateful for the present. It is so good to air one’s thoughts without restriction of any kind. The positive feedback in which one receives is most overwhelming. It is so good for one’s morale. One is so favourable to the change of seasons, the climatic change, and to the estreme which is now. Fortunately it doesn’t last for long. Presently this has only lasted for seventy two hours. In the summer there is a two week period in which the temps are in the high 90’s tittering on hundred. That is in one’s opinion much more uncomfortable than what is going on presently. In these conditions one has the option of hot tea, hot food, layers of clothing,warm blankets, a house that when the heat comes on it feels wonderful and cosy. When venturing outdoors a warm coat, hat/gloves/scarf keeps one comfortable. One is forever grateful for the wear with all one has and should be aware of good health as well.

Entry for January 15, 2009″ Record Temperatures and Wind Chills”

January 15, 2009

It is clearly amasing that weather plays such a huge part in everyone’s life. It also plays a part in how a person feels on a daily basis. At the moment there are record temperatures that the off the chart and wind chills that haven’t been in fifteen years. With these conditions some normal activity ceases. Oil and petrol becomes a huge problem b/c it can’t work properly in vehicles. The transportation is hampered that airports, rail stations and trucks to bring food to the local grocery stores. Cold weather is far more dangerous than the desert heat. It affects a person in a more rapid way. When the strong winds are blowing it is a definite factor and most harsh to a person’s health.When a person has their mouth covered to protect their estremities, and therefore are breathing through the scarf and into the wind; there are vapors from the cold that can go into the lungs and could very well damage the lungs permanently.If one is caught unprepared in traffic for a considerable amount of time they may likely die of hyperthermia or esposure. If a person thinks that they are prepared for this type of cold, it can creep up on them slowly without notice, and the most prepared person will be the most like not to be alive or be injured severely. A person must use common sense and if one feels the least bit cold or uncomfortable they must seek shelter immediately. Even the hardiest and hardheaded people who are known to withstand these conditions are caught off guard. These conditions are most uncommon.There is nothing in the world that can’t wait until conditions become more favourable. Repose with a hot beverage and view a favourite movie.

Entry for January 14, 2009″Added Features”

January 14, 2009

With bitterly frigid temps in the minus signal digits that the wind chills are way under the normalcy; one is warm and toasty inside with layers of clothing on with the heat. It is utterly unbearable outside to take a stroll for any amount of time. For if one would be foolish to do so; even if one would have a scarf to protect one’s face, one’s breathing would be in danger b/c one would be breathing in air chrystals in their lungs from the wind and cold.The sun is shining brightly however that doesn’t provide any comfort from the cold. Went out yesterday to briefly shovel the snow, as the temp was minus one; it was fine for ten minutes b/c the wind wasn’t blowing. One’s fingers were cold and even though one had two pairs of gloves wrapped in warmth. Now one has speakers and a printer connected to the computer. What a difference that makes. It is good to finally play a disc that one had gotten. It is of the four grandchildren playing the piano and the flute. This was a disc of the December 2007 January 2008 visit to Virginia. While one was viewing the different websites today one took advantage of the videos displayed and it was very informative and most enjoyable. Looked at one of my niece’s webpage and she is clever to have music playing of some of her favourite songs. Was told that if one chooses, one may play cds which one has already purchase sometime ago. One has an array of movies already purchased and could play those too. There is the printer which is a copier, scanner,printer combined yet haven’t taken advantage of that. There is enough time for that. There are some lost emails a total of seventy three that one wants to print. They are all from family and friends; some are links to one’s blog too. So it is important these have to be found. It is weighing on one’s mind as it is frustrating. One knows that one’s personality will have perseverance. There has to be a logical esplanation. It can’t just disappear into thin air.

Entry for January 11, 2009″In Depth”

January 11, 2009

Snow is still piled high as it resembles miniature mounds scattered in spots. The rooftops of the houses are pictureque with inches of snow on the awnings as well. Shoveling the snowflakes wasn’t a task yesterday and the day before, as it was lighter and the whole process was done in record time both days. There have been a few or more pirates on the high seas. Just recently countless numbers have increased with demands of ransom asked and subsequently paid with the end result of both and all in the depth of the seas surface.This incorrigibility is implorable. One has read articles on this, and it has come to be found that France and Spain has intervined in ceasing these operations. One should commend them for these deeds. Somalia, Nigeria are responsible for these actions. It should stand to reason that the seato, nato nations could come to irradicate this or at least curtail it. What is gained from kidnapping and commandeering a vessel of such magnitude? Are these pirates in international waters? So others make it difficult to capture them. How many kilometers are these pirates from land? Can’t interpol work in ceasing their operations? Could the other African nations surrounding Somalia and Nigeria aid in their capture, arrest, indictment, trial? Thus putting an end to this mania. Is their ultimate aim oil tankers; therefore driving the cost sky high for the rest of the world? It is really unclear at this point in time. What rich prominent country is fuming and funding this? Is it the Saudis? Is it Iran? As the Gaza conflict has a source which is Egypt who is smuggling arms; yet hasn’t admitted to it; this must have a likely source too. The dilemma is finding out which country is filtering the funds. There should be indignation to it.

Entry for January 09, 2009 ” Not A Decisive Answer”

January 9, 2009

Let it snow. There is a continuance of it that strenches into the forthcoming day, and following that comes bone chilling temps with wind chill factors forty below. The lows are minus ten and minus twelve at night and highs minus three and zero in the daytime. This will be in duration throughout the seven days. Forecasters will be warning the populace of the dangerous conditions. Even if one dresses appropriately, in layers; it won’t suffice.The last time this occurred was fifteen years ago. In this state a few days hence there was the largest deployment since world war two to Iraq. There was training in Fla. beforehand. There was all indication that the war was winding down, as a scale down was imminent in 2011. Then why did this occur? There is brand new embassy constructed in Iraq at the tune of 7 million dollars. It was carefully built with funds coming from the U.S. How can that happen? The U.S. government is in deep financial debt, so how can the government afford this? Clear Channel who owns the majority of the airwaves in this country is funding the war in Iraq. So is this how it happened? With the scale down in 2011 only two years away; the Iraq war will have lasted as nearly as long as the Vietnam war.Why was the country invaded? To get rid of a dictator? That was accomplished, so why is the U.S. still there and what is their purpose now? What is the cost to American and Iraqi lives? What is the underlining factor as to why wars occur and some wars are prolonged? As to which wars when there are multiple? How can this be, when the country is in such disrepair and hurting from within itself? There is a correlation with what occurs internationally, nationally and locally. It is commonplace to ignore what occurs, however it will catch up with everyone.

Entry for January 05, 2009″ Misconceptions”

January 5, 2009

As the bitter cold continues, ice still coating the surface of roads and walkways in spots; still there is snow as the sun is shining brightly. Canines are called man’s best friend which is somewhat likely as to preferences. One prefers all types generally for others. For oneself is an Alaskan husky is one’s favourite.Another is an Irish setter. My son, Andre had a pit bull named Riot and my sister has two dogs, one a chocolate lab named Tess and a pit bull named Molly. Never saw Riot only in a picture; as for Molly she was very lovable and sweet. The description was the same of Riot according to Andre. There are different strains and temperaments of pit bulls. It stands to reason logically that if a person treats the animal with loving care, attention, plenty of running space depending on the weight of the dog and give the animal enough nourishment; without overfeeding it. The animal will react favourably. One purpose to handling the dog is a prime and most essential question. Does the owner really want to dog in the first place, as to being able financially provide the upkeep and proper care? Some people will get a dog for Christmas or some other holiday and end up in the long run, not finding time for the animal. There are so many dogs abandoned, mistreated, mishandled too. A dog can provide companionship for people, be a useful tool to the handicapped, whether blind, in a wheelchair, deaf too. Also dogs are a tool for drug control. Their keen sense of smell makes this be a true attribute. All dogs are a vital source to deter crime in neighbourhoods. This includes pit bulls. In some states pit bulls are banned. This is only for the reason that some of these types have become violent, vicious to humans. One must look as to the provocation of the action or the temperaments, strains of that dog in the first place. It is nonsense and ignorant to ban all.

Entry for January 04, 2009″The Land”

January 4, 2009

Undoubtedly there was freezing rain and sleet which makes the roadways, sidewalks a trenchous mess, although snow still couvers the ground, it becomes a standstill for all individuals. Recently one purchased and viewed another documentary”I YoSoy Boricua” with Rosie Perez as director and Rory Kennedy as producer. It is an intriguing and eye opening saga to the Puerto Rican people’s way of life, their struggles to make life better, their inner struggles, and well as their resiliency. The American history books are absent in the writings of the Puerto Rico; their heroes who freed the slaves, the well known painters and sculptors and intellectuals. At the beginning Puerto Rico had the Tieno indians who were upstanding, resourceful,industrial type. They were fishermen, hunters, had their own form of government, own religion with priestess and female priestess as well. This was at the time of Christopher Columbus shortly before or after he discouvered America. Then there was the Corqistodors who brought havoc and there was chaos abound with the Tienoes. The Corqistodors wiped out all the Tieno indians who were only peaceful people; however fought back when brought to their boiling point. The Puerto Ricans are black, spanish, Tieno indian and irish heritage. Puerto Rico is called the land of pork rinds.That is a mere insult to the people. Puerto Ricans are a loud, colourful people who have lost their identity as Americans think of the island with tigres, lions, and snakes and think too of Puerto Rican people as a bunch of savagers. In Manhattan on the Lower East Side just before one arrives in Harlem at 158th St., there is every year a Puerto Rican parade of food, festivities partly to bring back their own identity. Over a course of time the Puerto Rican people suffered discrimination and bigotry at the hands of others. They fought in the two world wars; there were two armies, black and white. It was at the officer’s discretion as to which army the Puerto Rican was placed. When the Puerto Ricans came to Manhattan they were called Nuyoricans. The national anthem is written in Spanlish which was divised as a spoken language. In 1917 the Jones Pact was enacted to have each and every Puerto Rican to become U.S. citizens. On the island the Nationist Party seeking independence from Spain was put to a vote. The island residence failed to get a majority so the island of Puerto Rico still to this day remains a colony.

Entry for January 03, 2009″The Lost City”

January 3, 2009

With colder temps, one is going through the motions in order to keep warm. One doesn’t really mind it, however always a hot beverage does the trick. The lost city is a documentary of tyranny and utter havoc that commensed in Cuba in 1958, with the revolution, the control of lands, the certainty of dictator forthcoming in 1960. This left the country with a isolation unlike any other. There were and are blockades, embargoes, rationing of food and vital services such as medicine, travel restrictions, the separation of immediate family members. This was a gut wrenching move.If one chose the option to travel elsewhere, one had to travel alone without family, heirlooms, treasures they held dear from their families; for those items were confiscated by officials of the government before these individuals left Havana. There were countless boat loads of Cubans, one after another attempting to leave the country for the safety of the U.S. Unfortunately some were turned back, others were drowned as the boats became over packed with helpless Cubans and tipped into the Caribbean b/c of the added weight. The documentary depicted the country’s struggle. It is an escellent way to look at history. Andy Garcia was the prime role in its entirety. In Miami, Florida there is Little Havana where Cuban families live day to day uncertain if they will ever see the rest of their estended family. The loneliness must be overwhelmingly heartbreaking for these oppressive individuals. Fidel Castro who held power for five decades has been ill for sometime and relinquished his power to his brother,Raul sometime ago. It is hoped that with the new administration in D.C. that the people of Cuba can one day look up at the heavens and be a free people once again.