Entry for January 01, 2009″ A Brand New Year”

Today commences a brand new year. One has had a simply grand year as things went as planned. One hopes that one will have an equally grand year. One feels that it is important to always be in a good frame of mind in spite of what is around presently and what is in store. Try one’s best to overlook and simply ignore the negativity which exists as a whole. Above all less don’t needlessly worry about events in which one hasn’t control. Try not to live in the past, concentrate on the present and moreso on the future.Try to realise that everyone that one comes in contact with isn’t going to win one’s personality; however if one dislikes that person and at the same process it is vice versa, still try to be cordial with them as one’s influence will benefit the other. It is a known fact that one’s personality differs from others and others are unique in their own way. Have had good health this past year and will continue to have it this year and years to come. Have seen my son and family which was marvelous and one was so grateful for that. My second son is supposedly coming in March so one will be thrilled at that prospect. Spent time with family in Indpls.for the holiday as this was so important to them as well as to oneself. Planning to travel to Va.and Md. this year to visit my brother and family, my cousin and family. Fully knowing that there are highs and lows to each and every year; one must feel confident and convinced that one will put them in prospective and move on to the future which is the spice of life. As life resembles a massive banquet with many twists and turns, as well as choices to make. Happy New Year to all.

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