Entry for January 02, 2009″ South Of The Border”

As the cold continues, not a snowflake added to what is already on the ground thusfar; though likely there will be more snow to come. South of the border where in normalcy there are vacationers galore in the warm sunshine. This normalcy has been uprooted and torned apart in recent years. This has been going on for a long time b/c of the drug cartel that is rampart in this country of Mexico. There have been countless murders with not a single arrest or conviction. This has been very disturbing to the economy of the country. Only now after a long time the news reports in the U.S. are taking interest. Recently there have been six to eight murders daily, kidnappings. This crime has spilled over to the United States. Now Americans, who go to Tiajuana for a brief holiday are now targets of these abominations. These Americans come from San Diego, California. Police and law officials are powerless to act for their utter fears of these thugs and hoodlums who haven’t a shed of decency. It all comes down to drugs and money. It is a utter shame that Mexico as a whole doesn’t stand up and demand change. Momentarily there are armed militias, guards in tanks attempting to keep order. The government of Mexico are powerless also. This comes down to anarchy. Are governmental officials implacated in one way or another? This is a Catholic country so why can’t the Catholic church used their political clot to control if not bring it to a halt temporarily? Why can’t nearby countries join Mexico to aid in this endeavor? Knowing full well that the nearby countries have their own inner struggles; however it is logical to come and rescue this atrocity, if not it will undoubtedly spread to other countries as well. Who is actually funding this and allowing this to occur? The border guards who are supposedly protecting the border of the U.S. should look at this situation closely; instead of rounding the migrants up and sending them back to Mexico.

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