Entry for January 03, 2009″The Lost City”

With colder temps, one is going through the motions in order to keep warm. One doesn’t really mind it, however always a hot beverage does the trick. The lost city is a documentary of tyranny and utter havoc that commensed in Cuba in 1958, with the revolution, the control of lands, the certainty of dictator forthcoming in 1960. This left the country with a isolation unlike any other. There were and are blockades, embargoes, rationing of food and vital services such as medicine, travel restrictions, the separation of immediate family members. This was a gut wrenching move.If one chose the option to travel elsewhere, one had to travel alone without family, heirlooms, treasures they held dear from their families; for those items were confiscated by officials of the government before these individuals left Havana. There were countless boat loads of Cubans, one after another attempting to leave the country for the safety of the U.S. Unfortunately some were turned back, others were drowned as the boats became over packed with helpless Cubans and tipped into the Caribbean b/c of the added weight. The documentary depicted the country’s struggle. It is an escellent way to look at history. Andy Garcia was the prime role in its entirety. In Miami, Florida there is Little Havana where Cuban families live day to day uncertain if they will ever see the rest of their estended family. The loneliness must be overwhelmingly heartbreaking for these oppressive individuals. Fidel Castro who held power for five decades has been ill for sometime and relinquished his power to his brother,Raul sometime ago. It is hoped that with the new administration in D.C. that the people of Cuba can one day look up at the heavens and be a free people once again.

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