Entry for January 04, 2009″The Land”

Undoubtedly there was freezing rain and sleet which makes the roadways, sidewalks a trenchous mess, although snow still couvers the ground, it becomes a standstill for all individuals. Recently one purchased and viewed another documentary”I YoSoy Boricua” with Rosie Perez as director and Rory Kennedy as producer. It is an intriguing and eye opening saga to the Puerto Rican people’s way of life, their struggles to make life better, their inner struggles, and well as their resiliency. The American history books are absent in the writings of the Puerto Rico; their heroes who freed the slaves, the well known painters and sculptors and intellectuals. At the beginning Puerto Rico had the Tieno indians who were upstanding, resourceful,industrial type. They were fishermen, hunters, had their own form of government, own religion with priestess and female priestess as well. This was at the time of Christopher Columbus shortly before or after he discouvered America. Then there was the Corqistodors who brought havoc and there was chaos abound with the Tienoes. The Corqistodors wiped out all the Tieno indians who were only peaceful people; however fought back when brought to their boiling point. The Puerto Ricans are black, spanish, Tieno indian and irish heritage. Puerto Rico is called the land of pork rinds.That is a mere insult to the people. Puerto Ricans are a loud, colourful people who have lost their identity as Americans think of the island with tigres, lions, and snakes and think too of Puerto Rican people as a bunch of savagers. In Manhattan on the Lower East Side just before one arrives in Harlem at 158th St., there is every year a Puerto Rican parade of food, festivities partly to bring back their own identity. Over a course of time the Puerto Rican people suffered discrimination and bigotry at the hands of others. They fought in the two world wars; there were two armies, black and white. It was at the officer’s discretion as to which army the Puerto Rican was placed. When the Puerto Ricans came to Manhattan they were called Nuyoricans. The national anthem is written in Spanlish which was divised as a spoken language. In 1917 the Jones Pact was enacted to have each and every Puerto Rican to become U.S. citizens. On the island the Nationist Party seeking independence from Spain was put to a vote. The island residence failed to get a majority so the island of Puerto Rico still to this day remains a colony.

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