Entry for January 05, 2009″ Misconceptions”

As the bitter cold continues, ice still coating the surface of roads and walkways in spots; still there is snow as the sun is shining brightly. Canines are called man’s best friend which is somewhat likely as to preferences. One prefers all types generally for others. For oneself is an Alaskan husky is one’s favourite.Another is an Irish setter. My son, Andre had a pit bull named Riot and my sister has two dogs, one a chocolate lab named Tess and a pit bull named Molly. Never saw Riot only in a picture; as for Molly she was very lovable and sweet. The description was the same of Riot according to Andre. There are different strains and temperaments of pit bulls. It stands to reason logically that if a person treats the animal with loving care, attention, plenty of running space depending on the weight of the dog and give the animal enough nourishment; without overfeeding it. The animal will react favourably. One purpose to handling the dog is a prime and most essential question. Does the owner really want to dog in the first place, as to being able financially provide the upkeep and proper care? Some people will get a dog for Christmas or some other holiday and end up in the long run, not finding time for the animal. There are so many dogs abandoned, mistreated, mishandled too. A dog can provide companionship for people, be a useful tool to the handicapped, whether blind, in a wheelchair, deaf too. Also dogs are a tool for drug control. Their keen sense of smell makes this be a true attribute. All dogs are a vital source to deter crime in neighbourhoods. This includes pit bulls. In some states pit bulls are banned. This is only for the reason that some of these types have become violent, vicious to humans. One must look as to the provocation of the action or the temperaments, strains of that dog in the first place. It is nonsense and ignorant to ban all.

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