Entry for January 09, 2009 ” Not A Decisive Answer”

Let it snow. There is a continuance of it that strenches into the forthcoming day, and following that comes bone chilling temps with wind chill factors forty below. The lows are minus ten and minus twelve at night and highs minus three and zero in the daytime. This will be in duration throughout the seven days. Forecasters will be warning the populace of the dangerous conditions. Even if one dresses appropriately, in layers; it won’t suffice.The last time this occurred was fifteen years ago. In this state a few days hence there was the largest deployment since world war two to Iraq. There was training in Fla. beforehand. There was all indication that the war was winding down, as a scale down was imminent in 2011. Then why did this occur? There is brand new embassy constructed in Iraq at the tune of 7 million dollars. It was carefully built with funds coming from the U.S. How can that happen? The U.S. government is in deep financial debt, so how can the government afford this? Clear Channel who owns the majority of the airwaves in this country is funding the war in Iraq. So is this how it happened? With the scale down in 2011 only two years away; the Iraq war will have lasted as nearly as long as the Vietnam war.Why was the country invaded? To get rid of a dictator? That was accomplished, so why is the U.S. still there and what is their purpose now? What is the cost to American and Iraqi lives? What is the underlining factor as to why wars occur and some wars are prolonged? As to which wars when there are multiple? How can this be, when the country is in such disrepair and hurting from within itself? There is a correlation with what occurs internationally, nationally and locally. It is commonplace to ignore what occurs, however it will catch up with everyone.

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