Entry for January 11, 2009″In Depth”

Snow is still piled high as it resembles miniature mounds scattered in spots. The rooftops of the houses are pictureque with inches of snow on the awnings as well. Shoveling the snowflakes wasn’t a task yesterday and the day before, as it was lighter and the whole process was done in record time both days. There have been a few or more pirates on the high seas. Just recently countless numbers have increased with demands of ransom asked and subsequently paid with the end result of both and all in the depth of the seas surface.This incorrigibility is implorable. One has read articles on this, and it has come to be found that France and Spain has intervined in ceasing these operations. One should commend them for these deeds. Somalia, Nigeria are responsible for these actions. It should stand to reason that the seato, nato nations could come to irradicate this or at least curtail it. What is gained from kidnapping and commandeering a vessel of such magnitude? Are these pirates in international waters? So others make it difficult to capture them. How many kilometers are these pirates from land? Can’t interpol work in ceasing their operations? Could the other African nations surrounding Somalia and Nigeria aid in their capture, arrest, indictment, trial? Thus putting an end to this mania. Is their ultimate aim oil tankers; therefore driving the cost sky high for the rest of the world? It is really unclear at this point in time. What rich prominent country is fuming and funding this? Is it the Saudis? Is it Iran? As the Gaza conflict has a source which is Egypt who is smuggling arms; yet hasn’t admitted to it; this must have a likely source too. The dilemma is finding out which country is filtering the funds. There should be indignation to it.

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