Entry for January 14, 2009″Added Features”

With bitterly frigid temps in the minus signal digits that the wind chills are way under the normalcy; one is warm and toasty inside with layers of clothing on with the heat. It is utterly unbearable outside to take a stroll for any amount of time. For if one would be foolish to do so; even if one would have a scarf to protect one’s face, one’s breathing would be in danger b/c one would be breathing in air chrystals in their lungs from the wind and cold.The sun is shining brightly however that doesn’t provide any comfort from the cold. Went out yesterday to briefly shovel the snow, as the temp was minus one; it was fine for ten minutes b/c the wind wasn’t blowing. One’s fingers were cold and even though one had two pairs of gloves wrapped in warmth. Now one has speakers and a printer connected to the computer. What a difference that makes. It is good to finally play a disc that one had gotten. It is of the four grandchildren playing the piano and the flute. This was a disc of the December 2007 January 2008 visit to Virginia. While one was viewing the different websites today one took advantage of the videos displayed and it was very informative and most enjoyable. Looked at one of my niece’s webpage and she is clever to have music playing of some of her favourite songs. Was told that if one chooses, one may play cds which one has already purchase sometime ago. One has an array of movies already purchased and could play those too. There is the printer which is a copier, scanner,printer combined yet haven’t taken advantage of that. There is enough time for that. There are some lost emails a total of seventy three that one wants to print. They are all from family and friends; some are links to one’s blog too. So it is important these have to be found. It is weighing on one’s mind as it is frustrating. One knows that one’s personality will have perseverance. There has to be a logical esplanation. It can’t just disappear into thin air.

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