Entry for January 15, 2009″ Record Temperatures and Wind Chills”

It is clearly amasing that weather plays such a huge part in everyone’s life. It also plays a part in how a person feels on a daily basis. At the moment there are record temperatures that the off the chart and wind chills that haven’t been in fifteen years. With these conditions some normal activity ceases. Oil and petrol becomes a huge problem b/c it can’t work properly in vehicles. The transportation is hampered that airports, rail stations and trucks to bring food to the local grocery stores. Cold weather is far more dangerous than the desert heat. It affects a person in a more rapid way. When the strong winds are blowing it is a definite factor and most harsh to a person’s health.When a person has their mouth covered to protect their estremities, and therefore are breathing through the scarf and into the wind; there are vapors from the cold that can go into the lungs and could very well damage the lungs permanently.If one is caught unprepared in traffic for a considerable amount of time they may likely die of hyperthermia or esposure. If a person thinks that they are prepared for this type of cold, it can creep up on them slowly without notice, and the most prepared person will be the most like not to be alive or be injured severely. A person must use common sense and if one feels the least bit cold or uncomfortable they must seek shelter immediately. Even the hardiest and hardheaded people who are known to withstand these conditions are caught off guard. These conditions are most uncommon.There is nothing in the world that can’t wait until conditions become more favourable. Repose with a hot beverage and view a favourite movie.

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