Entry for January 16, 2009″Winter Wonderland”

With unbearable conditions outdoors it doesn’t seem like a winter wonderland. Though in the warmth of one’s domicile one may take heart in the comfort. One has kept occupied with the sense that this weekend will seem like a heatwave with temps in the mid 3o’s. Have been on Facebook and it seems quite inventive. Posted a profile on it and attempted to invite friends and family on it, some with success and some not. Seems like one is aimed to know as many people as possible as to the reason of it. The windows are covered with frost,snow and ice and it is sight to behold; if only one had a digital camera to capture the magnificent scene. However one may only use her vivid imagination which will suffice. Looking forward to the future and am grateful for the present. It is so good to air one’s thoughts without restriction of any kind. The positive feedback in which one receives is most overwhelming. It is so good for one’s morale. One is so favourable to the change of seasons, the climatic change, and to the estreme which is now. Fortunately it doesn’t last for long. Presently this has only lasted for seventy two hours. In the summer there is a two week period in which the temps are in the high 90’s tittering on hundred. That is in one’s opinion much more uncomfortable than what is going on presently. In these conditions one has the option of hot tea, hot food, layers of clothing,warm blankets, a house that when the heat comes on it feels wonderful and cosy. When venturing outdoors a warm coat, hat/gloves/scarf keeps one comfortable. One is forever grateful for the wear with all one has and should be aware of good health as well.

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