Entry for January 17, 2009″Outside Forces”

Haven’t yet been outdoors still it would seem a slight change from the frigid days previously. Still there was another snowfall overnight. Been busy on the computer with several sites which tend to makes the time spent constructively.Whenever there are wars fought or any type of conflights in the world, it would seem that outside forces tend to make it linger longer than in a normal pace. This goes for demonstrations of any kind protesting this and that. It seems that it is always fueled by these outside forces irrespective of the war, conflict, of demonstration itself. It would seem that these groups of people are highly paid for these actions. For instance, the recent conflict in Gaza. It was fueled by smugglers in Egypt in which the country was smuggling arms, ammonition and the like to the Gaza people and to Hamas. It is an utter shame that Hamas came to power in the first place, b/c it is a terrorous organisation and isn’t suited to the Palestinian people. It was and is instigated by Hamas bombarding Israel with rockets daily. When World War 1 and World War 2 broke out each were instigated yet was fueled by outside forces to make the length linger longer. One may surmise as to why it was so many years time and why it wasn’t a shorter period of time? Why was the Vietnam War a spand of ten years and why wasn’t it shorter? It is the same with the war in Iraq which is the length of time of Vietnam. The war in Afghanistan is the same and will take longer to resolve. Why can’t these wars be resolved in a shorter period of time. That goes for the same conflicts that are fought daily and doesn’t have news coverage. This is in Sri Lanka, Sudan, spreading to Chad, and Ethiopia, Russia and the Ukraine; Russia and Kazakhstan. It stands to reason that there will always be conflicts and wars of some type, the question is how long.

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