Entry for January 20, 2009″Irritants”

As the weather becomes more suitable to the liking of most, although there is still snow while the sun shines brightly, one is thinking of irritants and the same time feeling a pride of self espression. Let us forever keep the freedoms that are precious to all of us; as we as a people although be critised never be oppressed by our thoughts. Now to the topic at hand. When one takes these tests; iq, what kind of drink one would be,what dog one would be ,what kind of auto one would prefer,and the like that are offered freely over the internet to partake if one desired. There are a series of likable tests that aren’t free. There is always a come on, a sales pitch. This one is from the same cell phone company to try to win over the more customers. If one doesn’t have any mobile phone in the first place these persons may take these tests however don’t get results of them. That can certainly be an irritation to oneself. There are always companies which are geared to this ploy and one shouldn’t be sucked into it. As for oneself it is amusing to just partake in it, and not have any espectations. Another irritation is the rich persons enacting their will on the average and the poor. This is incorrect b/c the rich are in a completely different classification. Even if the rich person was poor, average once or is married into money. Their emotions are diversed and isn’t comparable to the average or poor. It is a resemblance of a person saying don’t take drugs which that is obvious. It will fall on deaf ears regardless if the person in question is rich, average, poor b/c esperience makes the difference. It’s that way with everything one does. There for sure are many more however one has just touched the surface. Life is a carabet.

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