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Entry for February 16, 2009″Forgotten And Ignored”

February 16, 2009

As the early day approaches, there are many events to handle in this day. However none is unattainable. As the sun shines brightly there is optimism on the horison. Recently there was a programme about Appalachia, the plight of the people, their surroundings and focused on the poignancy. It was well documented. These individuals had the attitude of family,country and community. Most of the soldiers who have fought and died for their country were from Appalachia. The diet is very poor in nutrition. An occasional piece of fruit or vegetable is very rare. Shoes are a luxury. Furniture is a rare commodity. Mountain Dew is the item they drink in abundance. They are toothless literally. Instead of milk in the baby’s bottle for nourishment; mountain dew is there. It is also there in drinking cups for toddlers. When asked the mountain dew manufacturer said that is the way people are, the pepsi manufacturer says they can’t mandate their product and people have to use it with responsibility. They are correct in what they demand. There isn’t a debate. Drug arrests are the highest there. More than NY and LA combined. Alcohol is prevalent. Oxycotten is very widespread there.Prescription drugs are kept under lock and key at home. There are a total of twelve people all family members living in a shack. Most sleep on the floor. They haven’t adequate clothing for the winters. Cars are very rare. If someone needs to go somewhere they walk several miles to get there. That includes the church and a one room school which is far enough from their residence. Most of the people haven’t graduated from primary school. Most don’t know how to read or write. Books and computers aren’t in the homes. There is garbage strewn around and in the vicinity of their home. These people don’t welcome outsiders and are very leary of them. Guns are there in open view, and they won’t hesitate to use it even on a family member if they are caught or suspected of incest against a fellow family member. The coal mine is their main generational occupation. Black lung is a real problem however little or nothing is done about it. The owner/foreman of the mine has a lavish house built in the mountains overlooking the mine. The accidents at the mine are unheard of, the salary of each miner is enough to provide for a family, along with health insurance too. There are organisations to aid these people. The rest of the citisens of the US don’t look favourably on these people. Appalachia stretches widespread across the US. The states include parts of Tenn.,Ky.,W.Va.,Va., Oh.,Pa., and NY. That is a large populace.Would the rest of the U.S. please keep these people in mind at least when they are looking for votes,b/c the people are really trying to do what they can to survive.

Entry for February 15, 2009″ Laws In Correlation”

February 15, 2009

It seems that it is a bit colder than previously when one took a vigorous walk near the bay and view it with snow and ice underneath as again more people were enjoying the sport of icefishing with enough gear inhand. There were several more enjoying the pleasantries of the outdoors. The recent fires in Coatsville,Pa. in which the citisenry of that town are in fear so much so that they are fearful of a night’s sleep. The authorities aren’t sure of the culprits yet whether it is a gang or only several persons or even a sole individual. The investigation is ongoing. Several individuals and families have been driven from their homes. When fires occur each year in California in the mountains, it is usually b/c of the dryness, the lack of rain, or the careless use of a person at a campsite. In the recent fires in Australia near Melbourne where a total of 200 persons perished, a numerous persons were misplaced, a great many in property damage, the wear and tear on the community itself. These fires were bush fires. Let one esamine the laws in both the U.S. and the rest of the civilised developing nations. The prime minister said that this tragedy was mass murder. There was a suspect arrested. The laws are far different and are farmore stricter in penalties than the U.S. One may receive life in prison for the crime.The price is irrefutable. The punishment should fit the crime regardless of where it takes place. There shouldn’t be a leniency when a case of arson occurs. Even if life wasn’t taken. The fact that arson does irreplacable damage to the environment is a just cause. The laws should be written to nip it in the bud. Henceforth for the crime to reoccur; this is deemed of cause and effect and part of the solution,rather than part of the problem.

Entry for February 14, 2009″ Too Little Too Late”

February 14, 2009

With a freshly coat of snow landscaping to earth, it wasn’t much which is a good. Been taking short walks periodically near the bay and saw a flock of birds flying overhead and also a group ice fishing with gear in hand. First time one viewed that. In the closing weeks of the previous administration this President supposedly had cabinet members chosen beforehand to what avail. As the administation was finally underway three prominent cabinet members; Commerce, H.E.W and another commerce appointee chosen, all resigned among controversy. In the meantime the stimulas package was passed by both the House and Senate to a tune of $800 billion. It was passed and it wasn’t by partisan, meaning that only three moderate Republicans voted to prevent a filabuster. Normally a 60 vote majority with both republicans and democrates would be voting. It didn’t occur that way. It was mostly democrats. This was intended to start 2.2 million jobs. There is a great deal of other items within this bill unrelated to the economy. This isn’t going to jump start the economy in any form of the imagination. It is being reported that the President has high marks for his endeavor. One begs to differ with that analogy.It’s not suffice only in adequate terms. The populace won’t spend their windfall and therefore it won’t profit the economy in any form. This bill won’t send the enonomy in a positive direction. It will only be status quo regardless of the media reports. The President should be concentrating on international affairs and what is occurring elsewhere generally. Instead of trying to put money in the pockets. If one actually breaks it down individually it is minimal.This is in comparison to the outflow. His cabinet is yet unfilled. He should be completing that too.

Entry for February 09, 2009″Notes Of Significance”

February 9, 2009

As the fog and the cloudiness are present it doesn’t seem to diminish one’s attitude in any way. There are several short notes of significance in which to comment and yet not to blog long enough on one particular one. Something in one’s craw: what is the meaning of signature bonds? One would think that they are permitted only in lesser serious cases. There is a s.b. signed recently by a couple of degenerates who beat a child to such a degree that the child couldn’t stand upward as a result of bleeding on the brain. Then why in the world would a judge allow them to sign a legal document knowing that they won’t appear in court on May 6th. What was the judge thinking in his reasoning? One’s heart goes out to that unfortunate child. On a different matter another judge dropped the case of a detainee at Guantanamo. Again what was the reasoning of this and why? Why do certain judges makes satirical decisions. Granted their caseload is overwhelming. However that isn’t an adequate reason. Knowing that judges go through the election process every once in a while: it would seem they would be in better shape to uphold the law instead of being so irresponsible. On to still another matter: the judges who hear cases that tend to deal will the criminals should have enough evidence to make 110% sure that the criminals are guilty, because years after these individuals are incarcerated they for some reason end up innocent. This is happening more and more now that the courts have methods designed for today’s standards than yesteryear. It is a travesty to waste the time,energy,taxpaper’s money on circumstantial evidence.

Entry for February 08, 2009″Cadence”

February 8, 2009

Still the warmth is presently upon the earth, yet there is snow ever so slowly in one’s view. There are several areas of water in the streets, sidewalks as the sun isn’t drying fast enough to allow the whole situation to unfold. It seems to have taken a long time to arrive and a longer time to leave. One anticipates the arrival of spring in no certain terms. The cadence is the rhythm or accent. In one’s opinion some are favourable, some aren’t. One’s that are appealing are New Yorkers, their rate of words spoken a minute is astounding.It’s isn’t the fact that they speak faster, it’s a combination of tone and espression that makes the emphasis. Another is the English speak. Their cadence is very well modulated and has a calming affect on one’s ear. The Irish have a most wonderful phenomenal way of all. One may listen to them all day and never tire. The Scotsmen have a appreciable way as well. However ones that don’t fit one’s fancy are the Germans with their gutteral, and the languages of the Germanics offsets. Spaniards are too in that classification. One might add that listening to all accents give one a new understanding of the own language. The english that Americans speak have many words taken from other languages. This isn’t a blog of what one spoke of previously; as one’s hope is never to be redundant or repetitive. The word cadence came to light from Charles Gibson as his description of someone who was a notable figure was in the midst of speaking his mind. People from New England have a cadence of diversity. Massachusetts stands out as a most becoming when speaking of this topic. These mentioned are very pleasant. This by far seems to be a short though sweet blog.

Entry for February 07, 2009″ Take It For What It’s Worth”

February 7, 2009

The contining string of warmer days are here for now, so most of the melting snow will evaporate. This is occurring locally. The director of the 911 dispatch is up for re-election. She has held the post for a number of years. Her re-election will occur on April 7th in this county of Dane. When a 911 call was made by a lady is distress, it was mishandled incorrectly and the lady was murdered. This, with others is a cold case. This lady was a uw student who was in her last year of grad school and intending to be a lawyer. The director of the 911 service is Kathleen Falk. Falk contends that she was in the guidelines of the calls and persists that she wasn’t capable of wrong-doing: contends also that the call was made from a mobile phone and it had interference. You get what you expect. If you don’t expect something you don’t get anything.Then it is good to expect something from others: and that goes for where one inhabits. There are states that are generally known as backward and other states that are progressive. When a state that is generally known as progressive and does a disapproval act for instance allowing late term abortions and putting it to a vote. That is a mere disappointment. The county counsel of the state is in favor of the re-election of the director. There was an in depth article in the Isthumus, stating that Falk was a known recouvering alcoholic for years. The county counsel has awarded their approval of Falk by contributing $33,000 to her campaign. The other candidate has received far less from contributions. This other candidate is far more attuned to the citizenry of Dane county. The other candidate has far less recognition than Falk. She has savre faire and will be better in all that comes her way. Integrity is the key is success. Losing touch with the voters isn’t.

Entry for February 06, 2009″Covert Operations”

February 6, 2009

The green grasses and brown earth will reappear suddenly after some of the ice cold packs of snow is gone. The saturated ground will come to the brim as tons of water hopefully won’t cause a flood. A drone is a remote controlled mechanism that has several intricate parts. These planes could and do hit targets with precise accuracy. Sometimes they are used in conflicts between nations, sometimes during wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Being that these drones are non piloted; it runs the chances of injuries and casualties nil. To minimise is their point. Where are these drones centralise? Is the location at a militarise base in the U.S? Or is it oversees? Which country is responsible for the cost of maintaining and repairing these drones? What is the length of time to construct even one of these drones? Are there a fleet of them? Is there a contract to sign by members? Is it any resemblance to the contract of Blackwater? Does it resemble friendly fire at any aspect? So many questions and very little answers. Sometimes the target positions are mistaken. There is always room for error. By that way it is a learning process for education to be better than the following person. It is a strategic exercise performed daily around the clock at all hours. In this way it is aimed to make the U.S. stronger and safer against other countries that are geared to harm. Presumably other nations have a similiar apparatus in place. One may hope in the future that nations may indulge in peace and in a slight way know what they have in common and less what divides them.

Entry for February 05, 2009″Leftovers” Part 3

February 5, 2009

This batch of snow will gradually vanish as a string of warmer days are underway finally. The beauty of it will trickle down from rooftops of houses and one will view the green grasses again. The snow lasted three months in duration.Much too long. One saving grace of the Bush administation was that he contributed greatly to the environment in his closing days in office. However that doesn’t diminish the fact that the planet is in peril. That the polar bears don’t have adequate nourishment for survival; the reason being that the earth is warming at a faster rate in the regions of the North and South Poles. Not a person on the earth’s surface can deny the fact that global warming is evident in all things visible and tangible. The cost is citrus goes higher as colder temps envade the sunshine state. The cost of heating oil to warm the nations homes is skyrocketing and again there is a choice of the feeding of a family or keeping the family warm and toasty in the bone chilling winters. An update about the elderly gentleman who had succumbed in Michigan had left 600,000k to the Bay City hospital. This was reported today by his nephew which makes the incident twice as tragic. The rent to hold businesses afloat is astromonical. Not only in the underdeveloped nations, but here in this nation aids has rose dramatically. The careless use of people using unclean needles is a fact in which to reckon and is only one of the ways it may be spread.This isn’t to say the story of a person being hiv positive brings the fact home loud and clear. For all that the previous administration did wrong and they were many and unforgivable; at last Mr Bush made a positive impact on global warming. One may find it on google, if at all interested. This administration will make mistakes too. Don’t be rushed to judgement just yet; the key to anything is careful deliberation.

Entry for February 04, 2009″Leftovers” Part 2

February 4, 2009

With the sun shining brightly yet colder than normal with snow surfacing the landscape, one is surely energised. The leftovers sadly continue. The crime in the nation is on an upward trend as a result of many factors and takes on many facets as well. This is occurring in all neighbourhoods regardless of ethicity, size or geographic location. As each state is in the red, some moreso than others: the populace has a sense of bewilderment as they struggle with the affordability of basic items. Whether to put food on the table or pay the heat bill becomes a sad state of affairs. A case in Bay City Michigan of a 93 years of age man who was found in his modest home frozen to death. There were repeated notices left of his door as to the non- payment. The city didn’t phone him so as he would be aware of the supposed outcome beforehand.There was a case recently of a family who had high paying jobs and for some unknown reason the father had murdered his wife and his children. He and his wife had been fired and their home was being foreclosed and the stress, worry was just too much and taking over his emotional state. There are at least 46 states in the red. California has frozen their assets of their employees, and drastically cut their social and health programmes b/c there is not enough money in the budget and their budget has completely gone.There aren’t enough police officers nationwide as the crime escalates to a fever pitch. So to combat this the states in some cases have had to deal with it in other ways. The rates of bankrupties,foreclosers and heating ones home has been a strain. The rates of suicide has increased dramatically as a result of depression.The huge cost of healthcare is on the table and there isn’t a Health,Welfare cabinet officer to fill the position now that Tom Daschle has resigned from his nomination as a result of not paying his rightful taxes.The effect of the American economy has been worldwide.

Entry for February 03, 2009″Leftovers” Part 1

February 3, 2009

As another very cold is upon us, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Spring is six weeks away chronologically. As the new administration is unfolding, the previous administration has left blunders of enormous proportions. These leftovers are as follows:1) The war in Iraq. Updating; the election that was held successfully although not w/o violence.The handover went well.There will be a general election this autumn. Little by little the Iraqis are taking over their own country with responsibility and savre faire. The Iraqi troops are now peacekeepers in their nation.The pull out of American troops is gradually taking place and will be hopefully finish by 2011. The British troops are scheduled to be out by May of this year.2) The war in Afghanistan is a far reaching dilemna. More American troops are being redeployed from Iraq to Afghanistan. This war was previously noted as the other war. Now it is a main concern and shows clear and present danger to world peace. Now it is a detriment to the U.S.3) The recession: This has taken a hold on the country. There were clear causes yet now this nation has to deal with the aftermath. The continuous lost of jobs. The closing of companies that have impacted the economy. The past holiday showed the downturn with major sales that at some point were slashed to give consumers a break. That didn’t work so the well known companies had to go out of business. This trend was shown nationwide regardless of the geographic spectrum.