Entry for February 01, 2009″Out Of The Box”

It has been from the deep freeze for a string of days to a roller coaster. Neither that nor this is preferable. Now it is milder yet there is still snow on the roadways and driveways, with the sidewalks cleared there is still patches of ice and snow; it isn’t conducive to walk just yet; it is too cold five degree above freezing. So just will wait a while, next month seems to be better to walk on a daily basis. Organisation is the key. One is so organised that one takes it to another level entirely. One is nourished twice a day, does things in advance, is precise only in importance that it precludes things of enjoyment; if only to stay on tract. What a difference a day makes. For the past few days one has been down for a number of reasons; hadn’t heard from Andre. He just phoned. Had a short and sweet conversation with him. It was 7:30 in the morning and he was on his way to work. Attempted to ask him when in May he was coming and it was too early to think about that. Wanted to know what date in May. Told him I wanted to go to D.C. to see my brother, his wife,his son and his daughter and my cousin.Yet one is content that I heard from him. Am still greatful that he is ok and that I heard his voice. One’s frustrations are few and fortunately doesn’t last for very long. One being my new printer. The owner sent a college kid to come and connect it and he was ok. Didn’t really show me how it worked, just did it himself. So now I haven’t printed anything, one’s emails are stacking up now. Then it is one’s converter box and don’t really know how to connect that, and besides one needs another antenna too. My intention is to ask Dara, my neice to go online for an airline ticket to Va. Have done it in the past and will repay her. So that is why I wanted to know when Andre was coming as to the meticulous date. It would be nice to hear from Andre more b/c one is so emotionally attached to him and miss him so; yet happy when I do.Have made it a point of interest in the past when traveling to go at the end of the month and into the beginning of the following month.It is better that way. I have to get my printer and converter/antenna solved straightaway.

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