Entry for February 02, 2009″ Pastimes”

There is still mountains, hills and vallies of snow with patches of ice yet on the bright side the pavement is beginning to dry after a long period of time. Haven’t been walking and will continue that on a daily basis next month. In the meantime been speaking to friends by phone. One particular conversation recently lasted two hours. Been watching one’s favourite tele programmes, sports too.One being Without A Trace which has escellent writing and has been on for a myriad of years.This programme is particularly good b/c at the finish it has a real missing person shown. Saw the Pistons yesterday and they lost by ten points. Win or lose they are hard fought and relentless. Just started on Facebook which is a new way to connect with friends which otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Like the Celtics, the Nets too. Occasionally will view an award programme however some are obviously fixed and just plain boring. One comes to mention the peoples choice award show. What a sham. Like watching movies on dvd and viewed one recently. It was hilarious and was laughing from the start to its entirety.Then like to listen to one’s favourite music whichever would hold one’s musical taste at the moment. And of course there is blogging. Like to have creative thoughts, increase one’s vocabulary, grammar, use of sentence structure. It is very diverse with the myriad of topics in which to choose. This particular one is condensed though b/c after one blogged,edited and posted it; had to put in one’s password for protection. Thought one would view the finished product instead of that had to reblog it. Really don’t mind it. All in a day’s work Thanks for the lookout.

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