Entry for February 04, 2009″Leftovers” Part 2

With the sun shining brightly yet colder than normal with snow surfacing the landscape, one is surely energised. The leftovers sadly continue. The crime in the nation is on an upward trend as a result of many factors and takes on many facets as well. This is occurring in all neighbourhoods regardless of ethicity, size or geographic location. As each state is in the red, some moreso than others: the populace has a sense of bewilderment as they struggle with the affordability of basic items. Whether to put food on the table or pay the heat bill becomes a sad state of affairs. A case in Bay City Michigan of a 93 years of age man who was found in his modest home frozen to death. There were repeated notices left of his door as to the non- payment. The city didn’t phone him so as he would be aware of the supposed outcome beforehand.There was a case recently of a family who had high paying jobs and for some unknown reason the father had murdered his wife and his children. He and his wife had been fired and their home was being foreclosed and the stress, worry was just too much and taking over his emotional state. There are at least 46 states in the red. California has frozen their assets of their employees, and drastically cut their social and health programmes b/c there is not enough money in the budget and their budget has completely gone.There aren’t enough police officers nationwide as the crime escalates to a fever pitch. So to combat this the states in some cases have had to deal with it in other ways. The rates of bankrupties,foreclosers and heating ones home has been a strain. The rates of suicide has increased dramatically as a result of depression.The huge cost of healthcare is on the table and there isn’t a Health,Welfare cabinet officer to fill the position now that Tom Daschle has resigned from his nomination as a result of not paying his rightful taxes.The effect of the American economy has been worldwide.

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