Entry for February 05, 2009″Leftovers” Part 3

This batch of snow will gradually vanish as a string of warmer days are underway finally. The beauty of it will trickle down from rooftops of houses and one will view the green grasses again. The snow lasted three months in duration.Much too long. One saving grace of the Bush administation was that he contributed greatly to the environment in his closing days in office. However that doesn’t diminish the fact that the planet is in peril. That the polar bears don’t have adequate nourishment for survival; the reason being that the earth is warming at a faster rate in the regions of the North and South Poles. Not a person on the earth’s surface can deny the fact that global warming is evident in all things visible and tangible. The cost is citrus goes higher as colder temps envade the sunshine state. The cost of heating oil to warm the nations homes is skyrocketing and again there is a choice of the feeding of a family or keeping the family warm and toasty in the bone chilling winters. An update about the elderly gentleman who had succumbed in Michigan had left 600,000k to the Bay City hospital. This was reported today by his nephew which makes the incident twice as tragic. The rent to hold businesses afloat is astromonical. Not only in the underdeveloped nations, but here in this nation aids has rose dramatically. The careless use of people using unclean needles is a fact in which to reckon and is only one of the ways it may be spread.This isn’t to say the story of a person being hiv positive brings the fact home loud and clear. For all that the previous administration did wrong and they were many and unforgivable; at last Mr Bush made a positive impact on global warming. One may find it on google, if at all interested. This administration will make mistakes too. Don’t be rushed to judgement just yet; the key to anything is careful deliberation.

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