Entry for February 06, 2009″Covert Operations”

The green grasses and brown earth will reappear suddenly after some of the ice cold packs of snow is gone. The saturated ground will come to the brim as tons of water hopefully won’t cause a flood. A drone is a remote controlled mechanism that has several intricate parts. These planes could and do hit targets with precise accuracy. Sometimes they are used in conflicts between nations, sometimes during wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Being that these drones are non piloted; it runs the chances of injuries and casualties nil. To minimise is their point. Where are these drones centralise? Is the location at a militarise base in the U.S? Or is it oversees? Which country is responsible for the cost of maintaining and repairing these drones? What is the length of time to construct even one of these drones? Are there a fleet of them? Is there a contract to sign by members? Is it any resemblance to the contract of Blackwater? Does it resemble friendly fire at any aspect? So many questions and very little answers. Sometimes the target positions are mistaken. There is always room for error. By that way it is a learning process for education to be better than the following person. It is a strategic exercise performed daily around the clock at all hours. In this way it is aimed to make the U.S. stronger and safer against other countries that are geared to harm. Presumably other nations have a similiar apparatus in place. One may hope in the future that nations may indulge in peace and in a slight way know what they have in common and less what divides them.

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