Entry for February 07, 2009″ Take It For What It’s Worth”

The contining string of warmer days are here for now, so most of the melting snow will evaporate. This is occurring locally. The director of the 911 dispatch is up for re-election. She has held the post for a number of years. Her re-election will occur on April 7th in this county of Dane. When a 911 call was made by a lady is distress, it was mishandled incorrectly and the lady was murdered. This, with others is a cold case. This lady was a uw student who was in her last year of grad school and intending to be a lawyer. The director of the 911 service is Kathleen Falk. Falk contends that she was in the guidelines of the calls and persists that she wasn’t capable of wrong-doing: contends also that the call was made from a mobile phone and it had interference. You get what you expect. If you don’t expect something you don’t get anything.Then it is good to expect something from others: and that goes for where one inhabits. There are states that are generally known as backward and other states that are progressive. When a state that is generally known as progressive and does a disapproval act for instance allowing late term abortions and putting it to a vote. That is a mere disappointment. The county counsel of the state is in favor of the re-election of the director. There was an in depth article in the Isthumus, stating that Falk was a known recouvering alcoholic for years. The county counsel has awarded their approval of Falk by contributing $33,000 to her campaign. The other candidate has received far less from contributions. This other candidate is far more attuned to the citizenry of Dane county. The other candidate has far less recognition than Falk. She has savre faire and will be better in all that comes her way. Integrity is the key is success. Losing touch with the voters isn’t.

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