Entry for February 08, 2009″Cadence”

Still the warmth is presently upon the earth, yet there is snow ever so slowly in one’s view. There are several areas of water in the streets, sidewalks as the sun isn’t drying fast enough to allow the whole situation to unfold. It seems to have taken a long time to arrive and a longer time to leave. One anticipates the arrival of spring in no certain terms. The cadence is the rhythm or accent. In one’s opinion some are favourable, some aren’t. One’s that are appealing are New Yorkers, their rate of words spoken a minute is astounding.It’s isn’t the fact that they speak faster, it’s a combination of tone and espression that makes the emphasis. Another is the English speak. Their cadence is very well modulated and has a calming affect on one’s ear. The Irish have a most wonderful phenomenal way of all. One may listen to them all day and never tire. The Scotsmen have a appreciable way as well. However ones that don’t fit one’s fancy are the Germans with their gutteral, and the languages of the Germanics offsets. Spaniards are too in that classification. One might add that listening to all accents give one a new understanding of the own language. The english that Americans speak have many words taken from other languages. This isn’t a blog of what one spoke of previously; as one’s hope is never to be redundant or repetitive. The word cadence came to light from Charles Gibson as his description of someone who was a notable figure was in the midst of speaking his mind. People from New England have a cadence of diversity. Massachusetts stands out as a most becoming when speaking of this topic. These mentioned are very pleasant. This by far seems to be a short though sweet blog.

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