Entry for February 09, 2009″Notes Of Significance”

As the fog and the cloudiness are present it doesn’t seem to diminish one’s attitude in any way. There are several short notes of significance in which to comment and yet not to blog long enough on one particular one. Something in one’s craw: what is the meaning of signature bonds? One would think that they are permitted only in lesser serious cases. There is a s.b. signed recently by a couple of degenerates who beat a child to such a degree that the child couldn’t stand upward as a result of bleeding on the brain. Then why in the world would a judge allow them to sign a legal document knowing that they won’t appear in court on May 6th. What was the judge thinking in his reasoning? One’s heart goes out to that unfortunate child. On a different matter another judge dropped the case of a detainee at Guantanamo. Again what was the reasoning of this and why? Why do certain judges makes satirical decisions. Granted their caseload is overwhelming. However that isn’t an adequate reason. Knowing that judges go through the election process every once in a while: it would seem they would be in better shape to uphold the law instead of being so irresponsible. On to still another matter: the judges who hear cases that tend to deal will the criminals should have enough evidence to make 110% sure that the criminals are guilty, because years after these individuals are incarcerated they for some reason end up innocent. This is happening more and more now that the courts have methods designed for today’s standards than yesteryear. It is a travesty to waste the time,energy,taxpaper’s money on circumstantial evidence.

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