Entry for February 14, 2009″ Too Little Too Late”

With a freshly coat of snow landscaping to earth, it wasn’t much which is a good. Been taking short walks periodically near the bay and saw a flock of birds flying overhead and also a group ice fishing with gear in hand. First time one viewed that. In the closing weeks of the previous administration this President supposedly had cabinet members chosen beforehand to what avail. As the administation was finally underway three prominent cabinet members; Commerce, H.E.W and another commerce appointee chosen, all resigned among controversy. In the meantime the stimulas package was passed by both the House and Senate to a tune of $800 billion. It was passed and it wasn’t by partisan, meaning that only three moderate Republicans voted to prevent a filabuster. Normally a 60 vote majority with both republicans and democrates would be voting. It didn’t occur that way. It was mostly democrats. This was intended to start 2.2 million jobs. There is a great deal of other items within this bill unrelated to the economy. This isn’t going to jump start the economy in any form of the imagination. It is being reported that the President has high marks for his endeavor. One begs to differ with that analogy.It’s not suffice only in adequate terms. The populace won’t spend their windfall and therefore it won’t profit the economy in any form. This bill won’t send the enonomy in a positive direction. It will only be status quo regardless of the media reports. The President should be concentrating on international affairs and what is occurring elsewhere generally. Instead of trying to put money in the pockets. If one actually breaks it down individually it is minimal.This is in comparison to the outflow. His cabinet is yet unfilled. He should be completing that too.

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