Entry for February 15, 2009″ Laws In Correlation”

It seems that it is a bit colder than previously when one took a vigorous walk near the bay and view it with snow and ice underneath as again more people were enjoying the sport of icefishing with enough gear inhand. There were several more enjoying the pleasantries of the outdoors. The recent fires in Coatsville,Pa. in which the citisenry of that town are in fear so much so that they are fearful of a night’s sleep. The authorities aren’t sure of the culprits yet whether it is a gang or only several persons or even a sole individual. The investigation is ongoing. Several individuals and families have been driven from their homes. When fires occur each year in California in the mountains, it is usually b/c of the dryness, the lack of rain, or the careless use of a person at a campsite. In the recent fires in Australia near Melbourne where a total of 200 persons perished, a numerous persons were misplaced, a great many in property damage, the wear and tear on the community itself. These fires were bush fires. Let one esamine the laws in both the U.S. and the rest of the civilised developing nations. The prime minister said that this tragedy was mass murder. There was a suspect arrested. The laws are far different and are farmore stricter in penalties than the U.S. One may receive life in prison for the crime.The price is irrefutable. The punishment should fit the crime regardless of where it takes place. There shouldn’t be a leniency when a case of arson occurs. Even if life wasn’t taken. The fact that arson does irreplacable damage to the environment is a just cause. The laws should be written to nip it in the bud. Henceforth for the crime to reoccur; this is deemed of cause and effect and part of the solution,rather than part of the problem.

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