Entry for February 16, 2009″Forgotten And Ignored”

As the early day approaches, there are many events to handle in this day. However none is unattainable. As the sun shines brightly there is optimism on the horison. Recently there was a programme about Appalachia, the plight of the people, their surroundings and focused on the poignancy. It was well documented. These individuals had the attitude of family,country and community. Most of the soldiers who have fought and died for their country were from Appalachia. The diet is very poor in nutrition. An occasional piece of fruit or vegetable is very rare. Shoes are a luxury. Furniture is a rare commodity. Mountain Dew is the item they drink in abundance. They are toothless literally. Instead of milk in the baby’s bottle for nourishment; mountain dew is there. It is also there in drinking cups for toddlers. When asked the mountain dew manufacturer said that is the way people are, the pepsi manufacturer says they can’t mandate their product and people have to use it with responsibility. They are correct in what they demand. There isn’t a debate. Drug arrests are the highest there. More than NY and LA combined. Alcohol is prevalent. Oxycotten is very widespread there.Prescription drugs are kept under lock and key at home. There are a total of twelve people all family members living in a shack. Most sleep on the floor. They haven’t adequate clothing for the winters. Cars are very rare. If someone needs to go somewhere they walk several miles to get there. That includes the church and a one room school which is far enough from their residence. Most of the people haven’t graduated from primary school. Most don’t know how to read or write. Books and computers aren’t in the homes. There is garbage strewn around and in the vicinity of their home. These people don’t welcome outsiders and are very leary of them. Guns are there in open view, and they won’t hesitate to use it even on a family member if they are caught or suspected of incest against a fellow family member. The coal mine is their main generational occupation. Black lung is a real problem however little or nothing is done about it. The owner/foreman of the mine has a lavish house built in the mountains overlooking the mine. The accidents at the mine are unheard of, the salary of each miner is enough to provide for a family, along with health insurance too. There are organisations to aid these people. The rest of the citisens of the US don’t look favourably on these people. Appalachia stretches widespread across the US. The states include parts of Tenn.,Ky.,W.Va.,Va., Oh.,Pa., and NY. That is a large populace.Would the rest of the U.S. please keep these people in mind at least when they are looking for votes,b/c the people are really trying to do what they can to survive.

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