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Entry for March 16, 2009″ An Upcoming Top Of The Morning”

March 16, 2009

With another stroll which was simply wonderful, thoughts are now on the celebration with all taking part surrounded with Irish stew and Irish coffee and inbetween Killians. Of course one has to wonder the recent events in N.I. too as the commeradie gets underway. This emerald paradise wants peace and comfort for their people as well as for N.I. too. Let tomorrow be a renewed pledge to those involved which includes the populace as a whole to diligently work together to promote a lasting peace. This year 2009 has been so far grand. That’s of course been due to planning on one’s part and cooperation from others. One’s seen Ian and family in the first month after a long time: been in contact with neices and sisters too, with “facebook”: and May is my birthday and Andre is coming to see me. The mere thought of it brings a joy uncompared to anything else. It’s five years since one has seen him.One knows that one has blogged about this in length previously and let this be an esception to the rule. If one would let one continue: one could go on endlessly. So may the populace find the joy in their families and friends to be together and share an ounce of happiness in their lives too. One measures the amount of pain and happiness. The happiness is overwhelming at the juncture.

Entry for March 14, 2009″Mind Over Matter”

March 14, 2009

As the day is underway it seems like it will be warmer weatherwise. So looking forward to spring. At least from this perspective the sun is shining brightly in the morning sky,nature abound with less and less chill in the air. Mind over matter could and does pertain to all things, both tangible and attainable also intangible and unattainable. While taking a stroll the other day saw the local newspaper with bold headlines ‘christians atheists in an ad which will be displayed on the buslines. That was most disturbing. Even if one didn’t take the few minutes to read further: the contention that these two words are revelant in any scope or one’s imagination is utterly absurd. Why people put faith in the same content with being downright hungry is very wrong. There should be a separation between the tangible and intangible. It is much easier and less stressful for those involved to focus on the giving food, shelter to others and only that with nothing else. It is more logical to speak to others about events in their lives. It is much easier to get through to them because in fact one is more genuine and more of a friend. Why can’t people speak of everyday events without involving faith at every turn. It is rather irritating. When people have troubles in their life, of anything concerning them: they need a friend who is genuine. It is most annoying to chat with people who are tunnel visioned. Life is hard enough without added pressures. Take a few seconds and chat about things that really matter.Why is american society always concerned with age? When a child celebrates their birthday: everyone asks’ how old are you?’ Then when that person doesn’t want to reveal their age, others should ask’ how young are you?’ Isn’t it ironic that the older one gets chronologically the question is in the reversal. Age is a state of mind, just a number, one is young at heart,if one doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Entry for March 11, 2009″Much Too Long”

March 11, 2009

It is now cold again as the day whines down approaching the evening hour however yet the sun is brightly lit in the bluish sky. With a cup of hot tea in hand,to recouver from the chill of the day: one contemplates how fortunate one is in a myriad of ways. Heard from my son, the other night as one was trying to drift off to sleep, that Andre is planning to come to see me for my birthday in May. As one heard those wonderful words, the thrill at least the thought of it is overwhelming. The mere joy of the upcoming event is breathtaking in reality.It has been five years since one has seen him. One has been longing for the day to come. Even though we speak often via the phone and have had indepth conversations: the reality of actually coming face to face is farmore grand. Even though it is now two months away it will be marvelous for both of us: for we’ve so missed each other. In the meantime went to Borders to order some birthday presents for a friend. Have also been planning a short venture to Indpls. to visit my sisters Vivian and Anne and also to visit a couple a friends there. Will so enjoy that time. Been also looking online for another dvd player, as the present one is now unworkable. One has to say that things only last so long especially when it is an off brand and was brought at a cheap price. So one’s thought is to find a dvd/vcr player to view one’s selective movies. Perhaps if time permits one will look into purchasing it while there. Want to go to Kmart there as there isn’t a store here. Went online to to see if one could have basic cable and guess what they don’t provide it. Ever hear of such a thing. The nearest thing they have is direct tv which involves a satelite dish and a two year contact. So told them in no uncertain terms that it was out of the question. So that was the end of that. My son Andre will be flying from Seattle to Chicago and spend a day there and then come by Greyhound here to Madison. He has already asked work and they said it was ok. This birthday will be my very best ever.

Entry for March 10, 2009″Newshound”

March 10, 2009

It is indeed a cloudy,rainy,supposedly cold morning. One does hope that it will get better as the day progresses. Abiding one’s time with practical endeavors is always advantageous. Specifically when the digital transition has come into play: it makes life itself quite interesting. There are many choices to make in that regard. First, to go with cable: Second to go with the converter box and the antenna: a) which antenna, some have limited channels,b) other antennas have more of a selection,c) others still have the ultimate amount of channels: Third all depends on the cost angle. With that said,one has to realize is it worth one’s time or is it just a hassle? So there is of course yet another option. Not to partake at all. Then one will voluntarily take one’s choice away entirely. Being an avid newshound it is vital to receive the information over the internet. The numerous sites provides that. One’s choices may take some thought. That is easy to figure out. Reading is an option. Momentarily one is reading “The Duchess” which is most informative. Then one will be reading “The Reader” which will seem to be quite intriguing. These books are both made into movies. And will eventually purchase them on dvd. Speaking of movies, the same English gentleman actor is in both of those mentioned. One computer is equipped with dvd/cd options. One may take the choice of traveling. In fact one is going to Indpls. at the end of this month. There is also an option to IM friends and family: Chatting on the net or on the phone provides an option: playing games outside or on the net: go to one’s favourite sports event is certainly a thought. However whichever one chooses: it is good to have the choice. As the song goes: “Turn off your television, it’s a repeat”. Let one clarify something. One isn’t indecisive. For now, it isn’t a necessity.

Entry for March 09, 2009″Estimations”

March 9, 2009

Taking walks more often now that the season is seemingly ready to change, it is good to have the scent of outdoors and view the nature. There is ice fishing allowable on the bay as many take part in the venture. Ice still couvers it as one may imagine, however the thickness of it is in question. One may view estimations of events forthcoming as something to be treasured. It’s also in the same realm as persons, as others make this mistake. This is done unconsciously without intent to portray harm to others. This tendency is performed by parents throughout each generation. In each family regardless of status, it happens time and time again. Putting estimations or espectations on children is very wrong. One has heard on being underestimated. Never measuring up to the parents standards. One also has heard or the phase an under/over achiever. It is also very wrong to compare one to another. Such as to belittle their shortcomings too. One is blessed with two gifted sons, Ian and Andre. They are both gifted in different and unique ways. Ian is married to a lovely wife and has a family. He is living in India at the moment. Andre lives in Seattle. Andre has done murals, done paintings, created tee-shirts. He also has written a screenplay called the “Squatters” and another screenplay called the “Art of Self Destruction. He has written music reviews too. He tends bar and also an eloquent masterful chef at a restaurant. One misses them in an unimaginable way. However one should be reminded that they are both grown up young men and one might add that one is very proud of both of them. Never overshadow one over the other.

Entry for March 02, 2009″Quotes”

March 2, 2009

Took a very minute walk to stretch and while in the process there was again patches of ice that couvered parts of sidewalk in the neighbourhood, so to take a moment away from the brisk temps; there were neighbours outside. Had a brief conversation with one and a longer chat with another. Was content to see them. One had to walk in the street which is fortunately a no through road to avoid the ice on the pavement. There are many well known quotes and espressions. “Children learn what live” and this is so very genuine. It will last a lifetime within the scope of the individual. It will and does affect other relationships. This could either be positive or negative. As the person grows into adulthood this aspect will forever be there. Only then it could be more or less so pronounced depending on the way the person deals with it. It could be used as a crutch or something in which to build character within that person. Another quote”Silence speaks louder that words” is also very unique and authentic. This often happens within relationships between families and friends. No communication where the silence is blaring and becomes so intense it is deafening. In some cases this could be nerveraking to say the least. This could often come after a misunderstanding that turns out to be major and could last a long time. Or it could be something far different and in some aspects remote. However whatever the reason the result is the same and could last into the following generation. This isn’t a healthy way to live and sometimes may bring resentment or animosity between the culprits. Been reading and found much info in particular books.” Chasing Life” and Future of Freedom” Been contended with friends and family on Facebook. This site is very good for that. Found out some info that is informative and interesting. My cousin’s son said that his father used a CPU for emails and documents. One looked up on Google what a cpu is and how it is used. It is the brains of the computer and the cpu fan protects the computer from getting overheated. One might add that google is another outstanding site. It is one of many.

Entry for March 01, 2009″House Of Cards”

March 1, 2009

With the sun shining brightly, it is still cold and patches of ice on sidewalks so it’s not conducive to take a morning stroll, as much as one wants to, the bay is still couvered with ice and snow in spots. The house of cards is an imaginary story. It is also a title song by Radiohead. Everyone has recollected in life that one might construct a house of cards using the entire deck. This deck is comprised of 52 and only a few are royal. With one’s imagination, let’s say that each and every card represents the same amount and these are 52 human beings who are in an estended family. These 52 individuals have different personalities with assets and drawbacks. These live in various places within the scope of the globe. Each card represents a royal or commoner. These groups of people are also within their family tree. So therefore they have lived at different times of life. Class is the sole item and sometimes it gets in the way: not really meaning to: b/c of being the royals and commoners. In some ways it isn’t meant to be; being that they are all related in some form or another. So when gatherings occur it would be obvious that some would choose some over others for the sense of status of influence or in some cases money. These are only human traits and no one should feel offended or no one should be at fault. It would be most monotonous if everyone were the same. This is also somewhat based on reality. Each family regardless of who or where they are is the same in varying degrees. To make the deck complete there are two jokers or jesters.