Entry for March 01, 2009″House Of Cards”

With the sun shining brightly, it is still cold and patches of ice on sidewalks so it’s not conducive to take a morning stroll, as much as one wants to, the bay is still couvered with ice and snow in spots. The house of cards is an imaginary story. It is also a title song by Radiohead. Everyone has recollected in life that one might construct a house of cards using the entire deck. This deck is comprised of 52 and only a few are royal. With one’s imagination, let’s say that each and every card represents the same amount and these are 52 human beings who are in an estended family. These 52 individuals have different personalities with assets and drawbacks. These live in various places within the scope of the globe. Each card represents a royal or commoner. These groups of people are also within their family tree. So therefore they have lived at different times of life. Class is the sole item and sometimes it gets in the way: not really meaning to: b/c of being the royals and commoners. In some ways it isn’t meant to be; being that they are all related in some form or another. So when gatherings occur it would be obvious that some would choose some over others for the sense of status of influence or in some cases money. These are only human traits and no one should feel offended or no one should be at fault. It would be most monotonous if everyone were the same. This is also somewhat based on reality. Each family regardless of who or where they are is the same in varying degrees. To make the deck complete there are two jokers or jesters.

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