Entry for March 02, 2009″Quotes”

Took a very minute walk to stretch and while in the process there was again patches of ice that couvered parts of sidewalk in the neighbourhood, so to take a moment away from the brisk temps; there were neighbours outside. Had a brief conversation with one and a longer chat with another. Was content to see them. One had to walk in the street which is fortunately a no through road to avoid the ice on the pavement. There are many well known quotes and espressions. “Children learn what live” and this is so very genuine. It will last a lifetime within the scope of the individual. It will and does affect other relationships. This could either be positive or negative. As the person grows into adulthood this aspect will forever be there. Only then it could be more or less so pronounced depending on the way the person deals with it. It could be used as a crutch or something in which to build character within that person. Another quote”Silence speaks louder that words” is also very unique and authentic. This often happens within relationships between families and friends. No communication where the silence is blaring and becomes so intense it is deafening. In some cases this could be nerveraking to say the least. This could often come after a misunderstanding that turns out to be major and could last a long time. Or it could be something far different and in some aspects remote. However whatever the reason the result is the same and could last into the following generation. This isn’t a healthy way to live and sometimes may bring resentment or animosity between the culprits. Been reading and found much info in particular books.” Chasing Life” and Future of Freedom” Been contended with friends and family on Facebook. This site is very good for that. Found out some info that is informative and interesting. My cousin’s son said that his father used a CPU for emails and documents. One looked up on Google what a cpu is and how it is used. It is the brains of the computer and the cpu fan protects the computer from getting overheated. One might add that google is another outstanding site. It is one of many.

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