Entry for March 09, 2009″Estimations”

Taking walks more often now that the season is seemingly ready to change, it is good to have the scent of outdoors and view the nature. There is ice fishing allowable on the bay as many take part in the venture. Ice still couvers it as one may imagine, however the thickness of it is in question. One may view estimations of events forthcoming as something to be treasured. It’s also in the same realm as persons, as others make this mistake. This is done unconsciously without intent to portray harm to others. This tendency is performed by parents throughout each generation. In each family regardless of status, it happens time and time again. Putting estimations or espectations on children is very wrong. One has heard on being underestimated. Never measuring up to the parents standards. One also has heard or the phase an under/over achiever. It is also very wrong to compare one to another. Such as to belittle their shortcomings too. One is blessed with two gifted sons, Ian and Andre. They are both gifted in different and unique ways. Ian is married to a lovely wife and has a family. He is living in India at the moment. Andre lives in Seattle. Andre has done murals, done paintings, created tee-shirts. He also has written a screenplay called the “Squatters” and another screenplay called the “Art of Self Destruction. He has written music reviews too. He tends bar and also an eloquent masterful chef at a restaurant. One misses them in an unimaginable way. However one should be reminded that they are both grown up young men and one might add that one is very proud of both of them. Never overshadow one over the other.

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