Entry for March 10, 2009″Newshound”

It is indeed a cloudy,rainy,supposedly cold morning. One does hope that it will get better as the day progresses. Abiding one’s time with practical endeavors is always advantageous. Specifically when the digital transition has come into play: it makes life itself quite interesting. There are many choices to make in that regard. First, to go with cable: Second to go with the converter box and the antenna: a) which antenna, some have limited channels,b) other antennas have more of a selection,c) others still have the ultimate amount of channels: Third all depends on the cost angle. With that said,one has to realize is it worth one’s time or is it just a hassle? So there is of course yet another option. Not to partake at all. Then one will voluntarily take one’s choice away entirely. Being an avid newshound it is vital to receive the information over the internet. The numerous sites provides that. One’s choices may take some thought. That is easy to figure out. Reading is an option. Momentarily one is reading “The Duchess” which is most informative. Then one will be reading “The Reader” which will seem to be quite intriguing. These books are both made into movies. And will eventually purchase them on dvd. Speaking of movies, the same English gentleman actor is in both of those mentioned. One computer is equipped with dvd/cd options. One may take the choice of traveling. In fact one is going to Indpls. at the end of this month. There is also an option to IM friends and family: Chatting on the net or on the phone provides an option: playing games outside or on the net: go to one’s favourite sports event is certainly a thought. However whichever one chooses: it is good to have the choice. As the song goes: “Turn off your television, it’s a repeat”. Let one clarify something. One isn’t indecisive. For now, it isn’t a necessity.

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