Entry for March 11, 2009″Much Too Long”

It is now cold again as the day whines down approaching the evening hour however yet the sun is brightly lit in the bluish sky. With a cup of hot tea in hand,to recouver from the chill of the day: one contemplates how fortunate one is in a myriad of ways. Heard from my son, the other night as one was trying to drift off to sleep, that Andre is planning to come to see me for my birthday in May. As one heard those wonderful words, the thrill at least the thought of it is overwhelming. The mere joy of the upcoming event is breathtaking in reality.It has been five years since one has seen him. One has been longing for the day to come. Even though we speak often via the phone and have had indepth conversations: the reality of actually coming face to face is farmore grand. Even though it is now two months away it will be marvelous for both of us: for we’ve so missed each other. In the meantime went to Borders to order some birthday presents for a friend. Have also been planning a short venture to Indpls. to visit my sisters Vivian and Anne and also to visit a couple a friends there. Will so enjoy that time. Been also looking online for another dvd player, as the present one is now unworkable. One has to say that things only last so long especially when it is an off brand and was brought at a cheap price. So one’s thought is to find a dvd/vcr player to view one’s selective movies. Perhaps if time permits one will look into purchasing it while there. Want to go to Kmart there as there isn’t a store here. Went online to att.com to see if one could have basic cable and guess what they don’t provide it. Ever hear of such a thing. The nearest thing they have is direct tv which involves a satelite dish and a two year contact. So told them in no uncertain terms that it was out of the question. So that was the end of that. My son Andre will be flying from Seattle to Chicago and spend a day there and then come by Greyhound here to Madison. He has already asked work and they said it was ok. This birthday will be my very best ever.

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